William Hume HOPKIRK & Marietta COWLES

Please see picture at the bottom of the page. Our thanks goes to Bruce Hopkirk in Tucson, Arizona, for supplying the wonderful pictures in this section

William(7) Hume HOPKIRK was the eldest child of John(6) HOPKIRK and Jane NICHOLSON

William(7) Hume HOPKIRK married Marietta COWLES on 27 Jun 1877.

Marietta COWLES was born on 15 Mar 1854, Belchartown, Mass. She died 23 Feb 1915.

William Hume HOPKIRK died in Nov 1917.

William and Marietta had the following children:

     Ruth(8) HOPKIRK, born 17 Jun 1879, Burlington, Iowa. She died 24 Feb 1881.

     Jessie(8) HOPKIRK, born 7 May 1884.

     Clarence(8) Cowles HOPKIRK, born 29 Nov 1885, Agency, Iowa

     Rollin(8) James HOPKIRK, born 10 Apr 1889, Agency, Iowa.

     Howard(8) HOPKIRK, born 21 Mar 1894, Montrose, Iowa

This picture was taken about 1913.

Back row:  Harriet Hopkirk(Rollin(8) Hopkirk's wife) and Howard(8) Hopkirk

Middle row: Marietta(Etta) Cowles, William(7) Hume Hopkirk, and Katie(Harriet's mother)

Front row: Harriet Hopkirk's father, Diedrich(9) Hopkirk, and Rollin(8) Hopkirk:

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