William Hume HOPKIRK & Marietta COWLES

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William(7) Hume HOPKIRK was the eldest child of John(6) HOPKIRK and Jane NICHOLSON

William(7) Hume HOPKIRK married Marietta COWLES on 27 Jun 1877.

Marietta COWLES was born on 15 Mar 1854, Belchartown, Mass. She died 23 Feb 1915.

William and Marietta had the following children:

     Ruth(8) HOPKIRK, born 17 Jun 1879, Burlington, Iowa. She died 24 Feb 1881.

     Jessie(8) HOPKIRK, born 7 May 1884.

     Clarence(8) Cowles HOPKIRK, born 29 Nov 1885, Agency, Iowa

     Rollin(8) James HOPKIRK, born 10 Apr 1889, Agency, Iowa.

     Howard(8) HOPKIRK, born 21 Mar 1894, Montrose, Iowa

1880 Census  taken 16 June 1880 in Burlington, County of Des Moines, Iowa. living at 2003 Madison Street. Kiving in the household wwe find William, age 36, birthplace Iowa, a teacher, father's birthplace Scotland, mother's birthplace England. His wife Etta, age 26, birthplace Massachusetts, keepinghouse, father's and mother's birthplace is Massachusetts, and daughter Ruth age 11 months. Also in the residence is 17 year old Dora Davies a "servant-kitchen girl" born in Prussia.

1900 Census taken in 1900 we find W. H. Hopkirk, age 55, born Oct 1844 in Iowa, current renting the homeg at 1317 Third Street, Madison, Lee Coun ty, Iowa. William is an Insurance agent with father born in Scotland and mother born in England and he was employed all year.  Also in the home is his wife Etta born March 1854 in Massachusetts as were her parents. William and Etta have been married for 23 years. Jessie HOPKIRK, daughter, age 17, born May 1883 in Iowa, single and attending school. Clarence, son, age 14 born November 1885 in Iowa, single and attending school.  Rollin, son, age 11, born April 1889 in Iowa. Son Howard, age 6, born March 1894. All can read, and write escept 6 year old Howard.

From the 1909 Fort Madison Directory we find the HOPKIRK BROS Insurance Agency, located in Room 8 of the James Building?  Rollin J & Clarence C.

     Also in the directory is Clarence C HOPKIRK, of the Hopkirk Bros, renting at 1119 Sixth.

     Howard HOPKIRK, clerk at Eitman's, is renting at 1119 Sixth.

     Rollin J HOPKIRK , of Hopkirk Bros, & wife Harriet are renting at 1012 Fourth

     William HOPKIRK, of Hopkirk Bros, & wife Etta are renting at 1119 Sixth

What made William and Etta Hopkirk move from Fort Madison, Iowa in 1909 across country to Sherman, Idaho in 1910?

As of the 1910 US Census, William and Etta Hopkirk have moved to 606 Government Way, Sherman, Kootenai County, Idaho William is 67, a secretary and Etta is 56 years old. They have been married for 33 years. They are renting.

From the 1914 Directory of Kootenai County we find William H HOPKIRK and his wife Etta living at 616 Coeur d'Alene Avenue, Coeur d"Alene, Idaho. William is the Justice of the Peace, located at 509 1/2 Sherman Ave., Couer d"Alene, Idaho  His son Howard
W. HOPKIRK is part of the Insurance and Real Estate business of "Busby & Hopkirk", renting at 616 Coeur d'Alene Avenue, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Howard wouold be only 20 years old.

 William Hume HOPKIRK died in Nov 1917.

This picture was taken about 1913.

Back row:  Harriet Hopkirk(Rollin(8) Hopkirk's wife) and Howard(8) Hopkirk

Middle row: Marietta(Etta) Cowles, William(7) Hume Hopkirk, and Katie(Harriet's mother)

Front row: Harriet Hopkirk's father, Diedrich(9) Hopkirk, and Rollin(8) Hopkirk:

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