William Hume HOPKIRK Family Pictures

Rollin HOPKIRK, Norman DAVIS, and William Hume HOPKIRK

This picture is from Rollin and Harriet Hopkirk's 50 Wedding Anniversary in 1959.
The adults, left to right: Hume Hopkirk, Hume's wife Jane, Rollin's wife Harriet, Rollin Hopkirk, Diedrich's wife Beatrice, Diedrich's son Rollin and daughter Sue,  Diedrich Hopkirk, Kathryn West and her husband Jolyon.
The children, left to right:  David Hopkirk, Bruce Hopkirk, Anne West, John West, and Mary West.


Standing, Rollin Hopkirk
Seated, left to right: Gertrude Cresap(Rollin's secretary for 60 years), Bruce Hopkirk, Dave Hopkirk, and Jane Hopkirk.

Dave Hopkirk, Rollin Hopkirk and John West

Myrtle Church HOPKIRK daughter Marilyn HOPKIRK on Marilyn's wedding day.

Corinne Hopkirk Althausen

Old Hopkirk Family Home

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