James HOPKIRK & Frances Ann BUTLER

James(9) HOPKIRK was the eldest son of James(8) HOPKIRK and Jessie Farguharson HARDIE

James(9) Hopkirk & Frances Ann BUTLER had the following  known children:

     Isabella Glen HOPKIRK, born about 1870 at Kingston. Married Basil Hall Fraser 29, April 1896 at Carleton.

     Francis Butler (Frank)(10) HOPKIRK, born 2 April 1876   Frank never married.

     James(10) HOPKIRK.  He died at the age of 18 from typhoid.

     Harry(10) Kines HOPKIRK, born 14 July 1880 at Carleton. He married Rive Reine Stegman. He died in 1938.

     Jessie(10) HOPKIRK.  Jessie never married.

     Mary Hardie (Molly) HOPKIRK, born 20 October 1882 

     William Tassel (or Tassie) HOPKIRK, born 29 January 1886

There is a California death record for an Isabella Glenn FRASER, born 18 October 1869 in Canada and died 6 December 1949 in Los Angeles. Her Father's surname is HOPKIRK and her mother's maiden name is BUTLER. Given Francis's middle name above, this is probably another daughter of James HOPKIRK and his wife was probably a BUTLER. Molly's daughter, Barbara, recalls playing with a "Jamie" as a child, and Jamie grew up to be a doctor in California. Eight of the family chairs from Scotland were sent to Jamie in California. One of the chairs sent to California was the head chair. Jamie is most likely the son, of the above Harry Kines HOPKIRK born in 1915.   James grew up to be a doctor, but we believe it was in Toronto and Boston based on his border crossing record of 1948

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