James Glassford HOPKIRK & Janet (Jessie) Farquharson HARDIE

Our thanks goes to Richard Armstrong, the godson of James HOPKIRK(1908), for supplying some wonderful information, including the most important piece.....the handwritten marriage declaration of James HOPKIRK and Jessie Farquharson HARDIE. Here is what is written on the outside of the declaration when it is all folded up.  Here is what is written on the declaration after it is unfolded. Thanks to this document, we've learned that Jessie's give name was Janet and her father's name was John of Edinburgh.

Jessie HARDIE was born 28 June 1811, Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland and given the name Janet Farquharson HARDY. Her parents were John HARDY and Mary FARQUHARSON

James(8) HOPKIRK was the youngest child of James(7) HOPKIRK and Christian GLASSFORD.
James was christened 4 December 1803 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.

From a letter in the communications linked below from and to his Uncle James Glassford, Esq., we learn that in 1828 James Hopkirk  "passed Advocate", which under Scottish law was the usual term for Barrister.

James(8) Glassford HOPKIRK  married Jessie Farquharson HARDIE on 11 March 1830 at Barony, Larnark, Scorland.

At the same time as James Glassford HOPKIRK was getting married, he was in communication from February through July of 1830 with James GLASSFORD, Esq., the brother of his mother Christian GLASSFORD. He was trying to get a position with the British Government overseas. Go to this link to view the letters from James G. HOPKIRK to his uncle James GLASSFORD and James GLASSFORD's letters to Sir George MURRAY on James G. HOPKIRK's behalf. There are copies of the original letters and transcripts of the letters graciously supplied by Glenys BOLLAND of Australia.

Some time between 1835 and 1844 this family moved to Canada.  There is some conflicting information on the dates.

James definitely came to Canada in 1835, but did all the family come then, since births were still recorded in Scotland as late as 1842?

Go here to see pictures of all the beautiful items that James Hopkirk took with him to Canada. Our thanks goes to Timothy Hopkirk DUNNE for supplying us with these wonderful photos .

They had the following children:

     Christian(9) Glassford HOPKIRK, christened 18 Jul 1832, Barony, Lanark, Scotland

     James(9) HOPKIRK, christened 4 Jul 1834, Barony, Lanark, Scotland

     Mary(9) Anne HOPKIRK, born 13 July 1836, and baptised by Rev. Robert Murray,
                   of the Presbyterian Church of Oakville on 9 August 1836 in connection with
                   the Kirk of Scotland. Also registered with the Kirk Session in Glasgow on
                   14 October 1836 and in the register of the Barony Parish of Scotland in 1839.

     Barbara(9)  Isabella Helen HOPKIRK, born 8 August 1838 and christened 12 Sep 1838
                  by Rev. Robert Murray and registered in Oakville. Also registered in Barony,
                  Glasgow, Scotland, 14 September 1839.

     Helen(9) HOPKIRK, born about 1839, in Oakville, Canada
(this is probably Barbara listed above and not an additional birth)

     Jessie(9) HOPKIRK, born 3 December 1840 and christened 1 Jan 1841 by Rev. W.J. Leach,
                   minister of St. Andrews Church, Toronto in connection with the Church of Scotland.
                   Also registered in Barony Parish.

     Catherine(9)(Katie) Henrietta HOPKIRK, born 2 August 1842 and christened
                    8 October 1842 by Rev. P. Murray, Asst. Superintendent of Education
                   Canada West and registered in St. Andrews Church Kingston.
                   Also registered in the Barony Parish of Glasgow, Scotland.

                    Catherine married Milnes MacDONNELL in Kingston in 1869.

     Frank(9) HOPKIRK, born about 1845, Montreal. He died about 1851.

     Laura(9) HOPKIRK, born about 1848.

     Jack(9) HOPKIRK, born about 1850.

     Henry Glassford(9) HOPKIRK, born November 1851.    

Here is some info about James after he arrived in Oakville, Canada

From information supplied by Richard Armstrong, us non-Canadians can learn a little about what was happening in Canada at the time of all these births in various locations: "Being an advocate James must have wanted to make sure the Baptisms were registered legally. Unlike Scotland where the churches were responsible for maintaining record of christenings and marriages for the government, I am not aware of a similar system in the colonies.
The churches and the government of Canada were going through many changes at this time. Prior to 1840, Canada was divided into Upper Canada ( Ontario ) and Lower Canada ( Quebec) under the Constitutional Act of 1791. A new act, The Act of Union (1840 ) established the Province of Canada and created Canada West ( Ontario ) and Canada East (Quebec ). The Capital was Kingston from 1841-1844. From 1845 - 1857 the  capital was alternately Toronto and Montreal. In 1857 Queen Victoria dictated that the Capital would be Ottawa. The Dominion of Canada was established in 1867 by the British North America Act. This is why we find James ( b 1803 , Henry Glassford ( b 1851 ) and the other members of the family, by marriage to lawyers, in all these places in Canada. Every time the government moved they moved with it."

Richard also informs us that many Hopkirks were buried in the Cataraqui Cemetery in Kingston, Ontario.

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