Famous  & Fictional HOPKIRKS, HOBKIRKS, etc.

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Famous Hopkirks, Hobkirks, etc.

The first, was of course, James Hopkirk, listed as a cleric in 1574.

There is also James Hopkirk, the convenantor. He was on the wrong side of the state religion. He was captured in the borders in 1679 and taken to Edinburgh and held in Greyfriars graveyard for a month during the winter, along with about 1500 others. They had no shelter and little food for about a month. Those that survived, and recanted, were allowed to return to their homes. Those refusing to return to the state religion were shipped to America. Unfortunately the ship encountered a fierce storm off the Orkney Islands. The crew would not allow the prisoners below to escape and most were drowned as the vessel crashed into the rocks of the Orkneys.

One of the most famous Hopkirks is Thomas Hopkirk of Glasgow.  He was a renown botanist and founded the Botanical Gardens of Glasgow, contributing over 2000 plants from around the world.  There is a lab named after him in the Zoology building at Glasgow University. Click here to go to the Thomas Hopkirk page.

Samuel Hobkirk, of the Westminster Hobkirks. Samuel held many ranks in the British Military in the early 1800’s, and has a street named for him in Wagga Wagga, Australia. Visit Samuel’s page

Peter Hopkirk, of the Melrose Hopkirks, the former writer for the London Times, is a much published author specializing in the history of Central Asia. ("The Great Game" is my favorite)

Paddy Hopkirk of the Glasgow Hopkirks, of Belfast, Northern Ireland,is the famous rally car driver and winner of the 1964 Monte Carlo.  He was inducted into the Texaco Hall of Fame in 1988.  Click here to read about Paddy Hopkirk and the "stolen" Monte of 1966!!! Go here to read, see and hear about the great victory in 1964 and Paddy's connection to the Beatles.

Hubert "Gordon" HOPKIRK, of the Nairobi HOPKIRKS, was a famous silent movie actor. Visit Gordon's page

Cyril Spottiswoode HOPKIRK, of the Melrose Hopkirks, was a famous Veterinarian in New Zealand. The Hopkirk Research Institute at Massey University, Palmerston North, NZ is named for Cyril. Visit Cyril’s page


Fictional Hopkirks
Marty and Jean Hopkirk of Randall and Hopkirk(deceased) fame. (See Marty sitting on his gravestone, below)

Kadi Hopkirk, the fictional character in The Lion Killer, one of the Mrs Pollifax books by Dorothy Gilman.
     Kadi's parents are also mentioned in one of the books. Kadi's father was a doctor in Africa. It is interesting to note that in
     the 1940's there was a Doctor Hopkirk living in Nairobi.

Phillip Hopkirk(the murderer), played by Ian Brimble in the episode titled "The Infernal Serpent" of  "Inspector Morse."
     In the same episode there is Mandy Hopkirk(Phillip's daughter), played by Michelle Wesson.

Mafalda Hopkirk from the Ministry of Magic in the Harry Potter books.

From the 2003 British TV Series "The Royal" we have:

     Ken Hopkirk, a porter at St Aidens Royal Free Hospital, played by Michael Starke. Click link for picture.
     Lizzie Hopkirk Kennoway, the Receptionist at the Hospital, played by. Michelle Hardwick. Click Link for picture.

     Terry Hopkirk, played by Sean McKenzie. Possibly a cousin of Ken, appears in the 2003 episode #8 titled "All At Sea."

Description: C:\hopkirk\HopkirkMartygrave.jpg

This, of course, is our famous cousin Marty Hopkirk sitting on his gravestone.

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