Thomas(8) HOPKIRK was the eldest child of  James(7) HOPKIRK and Christian GLASSFORD.


Click here to see more information about Thomas Hopkirk and his accomplishments, including the Glasgow Botanical Gardens, the Hopkirk Lab at Glasgow University, the Hopkirk Family Home known as Dalbeth, and an biography about Thomas Hopkirk.

Thomas(8) HOPKIRK married Agnes FARLANE.  Thomas(8) HOPKIRK, born in 1785,  died on 23 Aug 1841 and is buried at Clifton St. Cemetery, Belfast, Northern Ireland.  His wife died 18 Dec 1836.

 Thomas(8) HOPKIRK and Agnes FARLANE had the following children:

     Barbara(9) HOPKIRK , born about 1824. She married the Rev. PIPER.  She died about 1876.

     Anne(9) HOPKIRK, born about 1830. Anne died about 1920.

     Christian(9) HOPKIRK.  Christian was the First Matron of the Old Royal Hospital, Belfast.

     Francis(9) James HOPKIRK, born about 1833.  Francis(9) James HOPKIRK married Mary Anne McDuff

At some point, probably around 1834 or 1835, Thomas Hopkirk and Agnes Farlane moved their family from Glasgow to Belfast. The family investments, mostly in America, had disappeared and Thomas had been offered a job with the Geological Survey of Ireland. Whether he did not like the job or his health took a turn for the worse is not known, as apparently Thomas only worked a few days with the Geological Survey. About the same time Thomas Hopkirk moved to Belfast, his brother James, the barrister, moved to Canada.

In addition to the family investments in America going bad, there was a problem with their Glasgow Solicitors. Francis Cecil Hopkirk(1896-1957), Thomas' great grandson, had several files in his possession regarding something strange with the Glasgow Solicitors. Francis Cecil Hopkirk had turned these files over to his son, a barrister. Around 1990, a descendant contacted the Glasgow Solicitors successors and at first they were very interested, but suddenly became very quiet and never returned any correspondence. No one has ever been able to get to the bottom of the problem with the Glasgow Solicitors.

Memo: from Griffith's Valuations, 1848-1864, page 411, we find "the Missus Hopkirk" leasing a shop from Eliza Stafford at 74 Donegall Street at the intercect with John Street in the County of Antrim, Parish of Shankill, St Ann's Ward. The "Missus Hopkirk" is probably Mary Anne McDuff Hopkirk above.

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