Thomas HOPKIRK Picture Page

Click here to see picture from Glasgow Botanical Garden display, with picture of Thomas HOPKIRK.

Click here to see foldout page from old book about Botanical Gardens.

Click here for a scene from inside the Fern House at the Botanical Gardens.

Click here for another scene from the Fern House, with Clodagh Hopkirk and Desmond Murray

Click here to see the plaque outside the entrance to the Hopkirk Lab

Click here for a glimpse inside the Hopkirk Lab at Glasgow University

Click here to see Thomas(8) Hopkirk Coat of Arms

Click here to view some pages from the Thomas Hopkirk publication "Glasgow Looking Glass" circa 1826.

Click here to view a picture of possibly Thomas' wife Agnes.

Click here to see information about Lithography business of Thomas Hopkirk

Click here to see more info about the Hopkirk ancestral home, DALBETH


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