Sibyl Eliza HOPKIRK & Douglas BLAKE

Sibyl Eliza HOPKIRK was the seventh child of
William (Willie) HOPKIRK & Mary DANIEL

Sibyl Eliza HOPKIRK was born 26 April 1900 in Wellington, New Zealand.

Sibyl attended Wellington Girls College and then worked in the City Solicitors Office until she married Douglas Cecil Edward BLAKE on 21 October 1925 in St. Johns, Wellington, New Zealand

Douglas Cecil Edward BLAKE was born 13 January 1901, in Wellington, NZ, the son of Edward BLAKE and Mabel EDGE.

Sybil and Douglas had 3 children:

     Muriel Mary BLAKE, born 5 December 1926

     Keith Edward BLAKE, born 21 March 1929 in Wellington, NZ. Keith passed away on 29 November 1994 at Te Omanga Hospice, Lower Hutt, NZ.

     a son

They lived in Paparaumu and later moved to Havelock North.

They retired in Waikanae.  Below are Sibyl and Douglas in 1975.

Sibyl Eliza Hopkirk Blake, circa 1975Douglas Cecil Edward Blake, circa 1975

Douglas passed away on 10 September 1977. Sibyl remained in Waikanae for awhile after Douglas passed away, but eventually moved to Christchurch to live with her daughter in 1981.

Her last years were spent in Bermuda House where she passed away on 1 August 1993.

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