Hopkirk/Hobkirk/Hopekirk/Habkirk Family Histories

This is the place where we will display H__KIRK family histories.

Some of these Histories may have factual errors in them, because they were done many years ago before the advent of computer technology and the rapid exchanging of information.  We also have the advantage of many people reviewing these documents and we will try to point out these errors, so that the amended family history will live on.

The Hopkirk Family of Melrose, Roxburhgshire, by Mary Perkins Hopkirk

     This is a little long, but it is wonderful reading.

The Family of Hopkirk of Dalkeith, 17-1800's, by James Gourlay

     Another long history and detailed history

The Hopkirk Story, by Graeme Glass

     Another wonderful family history

The Westminster Hobkirk Family travels to Tasmania, by John Francis HOBKIRK

     What a great adventure. See also the related history written by is daughter-in-law Frances Mary Lecesne HOBKIRK.

The Hobkirk Family of Southdean, by Rosemary Irving

Here is the Holy Grail of Hopkirk Family Histories.  It is titled: "A DISSERTATION RESPECTING THE ORIGIN AND SIGNIFICATION OF THE NAME OF HOPKIRK."  This was completed on 1 October 1813 by James Hopkirk(1749-1835), recounting the lives of his ancestors, Thomas Hopkirk(1716-1781), Francis Hopkirk(1677-17-??), and William Hopkirk, James' great grandfather. There is also much more information included.


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