Olde Hopkirk Family Letters  (under construction)

Below is an index to old letters, the oldest of which were probably saved by William(1811-1891) Hopkirk in Iowa until his death in 1891. Then we must thank the descendants of John Hopkirk(1809-75) in Iowa for saving these family treasures and adding to the collection with other correspondence received over the years.

Also a special thanks goes to unknown Hopkirks in the USA for saving these letters and to John S. Hopkirk & Colin J. Hopkirk of New Zealand for transcribing many of the letters so that they could be placed on this site.

I hope to add pictures of some of the original letters at a future date for everyone to see.

You may wish to occasionally check back to this page to see if there have been any additions. We have over 50 letters which will eventually be in this section.

If you know of someone who has old  Hopkirk family letters or correspondence,  please let them know that we would love to include them in this section.

So now, at long last, ON TO THE LETTERS!

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Dated:             Author and location(if known)           Recipient and location(if known)            Topic(s)                        

27Sep1840     John Hopkirk,Iowa Territory             Brother William, Steubenville, Ohio       Moving to Iowa, etc

30Jun1841      Isabella Home Hopkirk,Scotland       Children in USA                                   Happenings in Scotland

19Feb1844     James Hopkirk, Liverpool                 Son Daniel, Hudson Bay Company       Please come home

27Jan1846      Isabella Home Hopkirk,Scotland       Son John in Lockridge, Iowa

09Sep1851     Isabella Home Hopkirk,Scotland       Sons in Lockridge, Iowa

29May1854    John(1809-75) Hopkirk                      Parents, William Hopkirk and Isabella Home Hopkirk, Gattonside, Roxburghshire, Scotland  

14Jun1856      Isabella Home Hopkirk,Scotland       Son William in Lockridge, Iowa

Many letters written from 1861 to 1907 by Alexander Hopkirk. (This is a word .doc, not html)The early ones are from Alexander in Scotland to his brothers John, William, and Walter in the USA. The later letters are from Alexander in New Zealand to his brothers and other family members in the USA. Our thanks goes to Graeme Glass of New Zealand for supplying organizing these letters. Our thanks also goes to Colin J. Hopkirk of New Zealand, and John D. Hopkirk and his sister Betty of the USA and other unknown USA Hopkirks for protecting and preserving these old family letters.


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