Adam John HOBKIRK & Margaret SCOTT

Adam John HOBKIRK was the son of  John HOBKIRK & Christian RIDDELL

Adam John HOBKIRK was born 4 July 1832 in Scotland.

At the age of 3 he travelled with his parents and younger sister to America on board the ship "Ajax."
They arrived in New York on 6 July 1835, two days after his third birthday.  

Adam John HOBKIRK married Margaret SCOTT and they had the following known children:

     Agnes HOBKIRK. Agnes married Andrew F. Wood and she died 1 December 1914.

     John HOBKIRK    John lived in Waddington, New York

     Christian HOBKIRK.  Christian married Edgar Veitch. They lived in New York

     Adam (M. or N.) HOBKIRK.  Adam lived in Calgary

     Belle HOBKIRK.  Belle married Elmer Veitch. They lived in New York.

     Edith HOBKIRK.  Edith married H.W. Matthew. Edith died in 1905.

     Mayme HOBKIRK.  Mayme married H.W. Matthew after the death of her sister Edith. Lived in N.Y.

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