John HOBKIRK was the eldest son of Adam HOBKIRK & Jane(Jeany) SCOTT.

John was christened at Hawick on 23 November 1788.

John was married to Christian RIDDELL on 13 November 1829 in Southdean, Roxburgh, Scotland and they had the following known children:

     Jenet HOBKIRK, born 19 August 1830 in Southdean, Roxburghshire.
          Jenet must have died in infancy, since she was not part of the family that travelled to America in 1835.

     Adam HOBKIRK, born 4 July 1832 in Scotland

     Jane HOBKIRK, born about 1834 in Scotland.

     Isabella HOBKIRK, born in Waddington in 1838

Passenger Lists for New York arrivals show the following family grouping arriving on 6 July 1835: View manifest
     John HOBKIRK, age 46
     Christian HOBKIRK, age 38
     Adam HOBKIRK, age 3
     Jane HOBKIRK, age 1
Adam and Christian were listed as farmers, their country of destination was listed as the USA.
Their country of origin was listed as Scotland
The ship they travelled on was named the Ajax, and the port of departure was Ireland.

This is obviously this family, and since Jenet is missing, we must assume she died in infancy.

From the 1850 census we know John HOBKIRK was list as 61, a farmer, born in Scotland. The value of his real estate is
listed as $1,000. They were residing in Madrid, St. Lawrence County, N.Y.

His wife is Christian, age 54, born in Scotland.
Adam HOBKIRK, age 18, born in Scotland.
Jane or Iona HOBKIRK, age15, born in New York. If this is Jane, birth location is wrong. If Iona, then Jane must have died.
Isabel HOBKIRK, age 13, born in New York.

John Hobkirk passed away on 4 January 1852, age 63 years. View grave.

Christian RIDDELL passed away on 12 April 1875, aged 81 years 4 months. View grave.

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