Robert HOBKIRK & Martha L. MARTIN

Robert was born 4 September 1878 in Maryhill, Scotland, the son of Robert HOBKIRK & Annie FOWLER.

Robert HOBKIRK married Martha MARTIN on 25 January 1905 at Latham, Illinios. Martha was born on 22 April 1886 in Latham, Illinois and she passed away on 12 September 1911 in Pleasant Hill, Illinois.

Robert and Martha HOBKIRK had the following children:

     William HOBKIRK, born 3 November 1905 at Latham. William married Cleo Ione SMITH.
           William died 7 September 1977 in Pittsfield, Illinois. William has many descendants living today.

     George HOBKIRK, born 21 July 1907 at Latham, Illinois. He married Roberta Ince on 21 March 1936.
           George passed away in 1989.

Robert HOBKIRK(1878-1943) then married Lulabell MARTIN on 23 December 1914 in Pleasant Hill, Illinois.   Lulabell was born in 1890 and she passed away in 1937. Robert and Lulabell had the following children:

     Robert HOBKIRK, born 21 January 1916. Robert married Eileen Houchins.
           Robert died 10 March 1981 in Homestead, Florida  Robert has descendants still living.

     Clarence HOBKIRK, born in 1918. Clarence married Rebecca Griffith.
           Clarence died in 1955. Clarence and Rebecca had at least one daughter.

     Warren HOBKIRK, born 3 December 1920. Warren married Marcelene ?
           Warren passed away on 10 April 1985. Warren and Marcelene had at least one daughter.

     private  HOBKIRK, still living

     Everett HOBKIRK, born 19 February 1931. Everett married Virginia ?
           Everett passed away 21 January 1973.  Everett and Virginia had at least 3 children.

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