Robert HOBKIRK & Elizabeth GRIERSON

Robert HOBKIRK was the eldest child of William HOBKIRK & Agnes LAIDLAW

Robert HOBKIRK was born 5 November 1809 and christened 3 December 1809 in East High Chester, Roberton, Selkirk, Scotland
Robert married Elisabeth GRIERSON on 17 December 1849 in Kirktown, DFS, Scotland
Elisabeth was born about 1831 in Kirktown, and died after 1881 in Tundergarth, DFS, Scotland
Robert died before 1911 at Tundergarth, DFS, Scotland.

The 1881 Census gives this families dwelling as "Southburn," Tundergarth, Dumfries, Scotland. Items in green below are from that census.

Robert and Elisabeth had the following children:

     Bessie HOBKIRK, christened 22 December 1851, Wilton, Hawick, ROX, Scotland
            Bessie died about 1884 at Tundergarth, DFS, Scotland

     William HOBKIRK, christened 9 May 1852, Hawick, ROX, Scotland

     Robert HOBKIRK, christened 18 September 1853, Hawick, ROX, Scotland(Listed as unmarried)

     Margaret HOBKIRK, born about 1859, Wilton, ROX, Scotland (Listed as aged 22 and unmarried)

     Georgina I. HOBKIRK, born about 1863 in Scotland, and died after 1913

     Jemima HOBKIRK, born about 1865 at Tundergarth, DFS, Scotland and died after 1913.(Listed as 15)

Also listed in the household were Robert HAUGH, unmarried, aged 16 and Margaret SMITH unmarried aged 15.

Robert is listed as aged 66 and Elisabeth as 50.  

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