Our thanks for most of the information on this family goes to Peter Stone.

William HOBKIRK was probably the son of Robert HABKIRK, and is probably the child christened at Roberton, Selkirk,  on 23 Sep 1781.  The most promising clue is that William named his first son Robert. It is unfortunate this couple did not have a second daughter, which would give a clue as to Robert HABKIRK'S wifes name.

William HOBKIRK married Agnes LAIDLAW on 1 January 1809.

William and Agness had the following known children:

     Robert HOBKIRK, christened 3 Dec 1809, Roberton, Selkirk

     William HOBKIRK, christened  15 Dec 1811, Roberton, Selkirk, died about 1870 Teviothead, Rox

     Margaret HOBKIRK, christened 31 Jan 1813, Roberton, Selkirk

     George HOBKIRK, christened 26 May 1816, Roberton, Selkirk

     James HOBKIRK, born 20 Jan 1819, Roberton, Selkirk

     Adam HOBKIRK, born 17 May 1822, Roberton, Selkirk Adam died about 1870, Teviothead, Rox

     John HOBKIRK, christened 27 November 1825, Ashkirk, Roxburgh

     Thomas HOBKIRK, christened 26 Apr 1829, Ashkirk, Roxburgh. Mother is listed as Nancy LAIDLAW

From the 1841 Census we find the following people from this family living at Ashkirk Mill, Ashkirk, Roxburghshire:

     William HOBKIRK, age 55, Mason, born in Roxburghshire
     Agnes HOBKIRK, age 45, born in Roxburghshire
     Robert HOBKIRK, age 30, Mason, born in Roxburghshire
     James HOBKIRK, age 20, Mason, born in Roxburghshire
     Thomas HOBKIRK, age 11, born outside Roxburghshire

The balance of the family was living at Sandbed, Hawick, Roxburghshire, all born Roxburghshire:

     William HOBKIRK, age 25, Baker 
     Margaret HOBKIRK, age 25
     George HOBKIRK, age 23, Baker
     Adam HOBKIRK, age 19 Joiner Apprentice
     John HOBKIRK, age 15 Baker Apprentice
     Archibald WALDIE, age 22, Baker Journeyman

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