Thomas Palterman HABKIRK & Bertha Mabel GREIVE

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Thomas Palterman HABKIRK was the eldest child of Robert Scott HABKIRK and Elizabeth Ann Palterman.
Thomas was born 27 December 1879.

There is a family picture of Thomas Palterman Habkirk standing next to a hard rubber tired gasoline truck.
Thomas Palterman HABKIRK was the district manager for Supertest, a gasoline company.

Thomas married Bertha Mabel GREIVE. Bertha Mabel GREIVE was born in 1888 and passed away in 1967.

Thomas and Bertha had the following children:

     Elva Elizabeth HABKIRK, born in 1905. She lived in Seaforth, Ontario, and was a nurse.     

     Robert Scott HABKIRK, born in 1906. "Scott" married Susan May HUDSON, known as "May."
          "Scott" attended business college at St. Marys. He also was a chauffer for a golf club in
          Detriot and owned a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership in Seaforth, Ontario. In addition, "Scott"
          owned the Habkirk Transit bus company, and a gas station.  "Scott" was also a Seaforth
          Councilor in charge of streets and roads.  "Scott" and "May" were great at curling.
          Robert "Scott" HABKIRK passed away in 1963. View their gravestone.

     Agnes Isabelle HABKIRK, born in 1909. She passed away in 1918, during a large flu epidemic.

     Norma Jean HABKIRK, born in 1913. She lived in Seaforth, Ontario. Norma Jean had an armed
          forces gravestone, so she must have served her country. Norma Jean was also an elementary
          school teacher and a bus driver for her brother Scott's bus company. She passed away in
          March 1961, age 48.       View her gravestone

     George Sterling HABKIRK, born 18 August 1922. He passed away  13 July 1970, age 47. He was
          known as Sterling. He was a  wireless airgunner with the RCAF, and he saw a lot of action during
          WWII. His plane was shot down by a German gunboat in the Baltic sea. Apparently they went too
          close to what they thought was a German fishing boat and ended up in a prisoner of war camp for
          years. "Sterling" was also a finish carpenter. View his gravestone.

     Living HABKIRK, born in 1928.

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