Robert Scott HABKIRK & Elizabeth Ann PALTERMAN

Robert Scott HABKIRK  was a son of George HABKIRK and Mary HENDERSON

Robert Scott HABKIRK was born 3 October 1857 and died 9 January 1928.  Robert married Elizabeth Ann PALTERMAN. Elizabeth Ann Palterman was born 8 March 1862 in Ontario Province. Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Palterman. He was born in 1823 and died in 1903. (View Thomas Palterman tombstone.) Elizabeth died 3 March 1945. View Robert HABKIRK and Elizabeth PALTERMAN'S tombstone

 They had the following children:

     Thomas Palterman HABKIRK, born 27 December 1879. He married Bertha Mabel GRIEVE, who was born 20 July
          1888. Thomas died 10 February 1936, and Bertha died 22  June 1967.  Thomas and Bertha had 6 children.
(View tombstone)

    Robert Ransford "Rancie" HABKIRK, born 28 April 1883.  Rancie died 3 March 1893. (View tombstone)

    Alberta Scott "Bertie" HABKIRK, born 8 June 1886.      Bertie died 14 July 1888. (View tombstone)

     Ada Mary Elizabeth HABKIRK, born 29 June 1891.  Ada married Harold Douglas DALE.  (View Tombstone)
          Ada died 6 August 1970.     Ada and Harold had one child.

     Minnie Jane HABKIRK, born 7 February 1894.  She married Foster Thomas FOWLER

     Norman George HABKIRK, born 11 October 1898.  He married Pamela Ball, who was born 18 July 1898.
          Nornam died 12 March 1955
 (View tombstone)

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