William Habkirk and Jannet Scott

Following is a quote from the notes of an unknown family descendant: "William Habkirk, wife, Jannett, and family left Jedburgh which was in the neighborhood of Hawick, a town in Roxboroughshire in Scotland and came to Ontario, Canada in 1834 with Jannet's family, the Scotts.  They bought Lot 25 on the 3rd Concession of McKillop from the Canada Company.  The land was located on the North Road, 2 miles from Seaforth. It continued in the same family until 1946.  William Habkirk passed it to his son George, who in turn passed it to his son, Matthew. He then passed it to his son, Bert, who in turn sold it to J. Wesley Beattie, who was a grandson of Margaret Habkirk.

William Habkirk re-married after the death of his first wife.  He married a Mrs. Neilans, who also had a family of Neilans."

Based on Scottish naming tradition of naming the first son after the fathers father and the second daughter after the fathers mother, William HABKIRK was probably the second son of George HOBKIRK and Helen PORTEAS of Crailing, Roxburgh. Notice that they faithfully followed the naming pattern.  The third son is named William and the third daughter is named Jannet. Given this information, Jannet Scott's parents were probably named Robert and Margaret. I've found an IGI record for the birth of Janet Scott on January 15, 1798 at Yarrow, Selkirk, Scotland. The parents are listed as Robert Scott and Margaret Elliot. This is undoubtedly Janet's parents. View the Memorial to this couple

William HABKIRK was born October 18, 1795 in Scotland.  Jannet SCOTT was born January 5, 1798 and died April 2, 1851. They were married May 28, 1819 at Brockhillburn, Hawick, Scotland. View Jannet Scott's tombstone.  (View other tombstones of William Habkirk's descendants)
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William HABKIRK and Jannet SCOTT had the following known children:

     Margaret HABKIRK, born 19 December 1819.  She married Francis SCOTT.

     Helen Meachside HABKIRK, born 20 November 1821. She married John BROWN.

     George HABKIRK, born 14 March 1824. He was christened George HOBKIRK, 21 April 1824 at Eckford, ROX

     Robert HABKIRK, born April 7, 1826. He was christened Robert HOBKIRK, 14 May 1826 at Eckford, ROX
           He married Belle JOHNSTON.

     Jannet HABKIRK, born 7 July 1828. She was christened Janet HOBKIRK, 21 August 1828 at Eckford, ROX
           She married William HENDERSON.

     Isabella HABKIRK, born 16 December 1831.
           Isabella married John ELLIOTT on 3 October 1851 and she passed away on 21 February 1858

     William HABKIRK, born 25 May 1833.  He married Jessie or Jennett?????

     James HABKIRK, born 22 October 1837. He died 30 September 1839.

     Joseph  S. HABKIRK, born 23 September 1839.  He married Margaret JOHNSTONE.

     John HABKIRK, born 22 January 1842.  He married Mary COWAN.

Please note, the 1851 census lists the family name as HABKIRK, Jannett SCOTT as already passed away and daughter Jannet age does not seem right.
From the 1851 census in McKillop, we find William Habkirk, age 55, born in Scotland, a farmer. William Habkirk, age 18, a son, born in Scotland, Joseph Habkirk, age 13, born in Canada, John Habkirk, age 10 and Jennette Habkirk, age 15.

Please note, the 1861 census lists the family name as HOPKIRK.
From the 1861 census in McKillop, we find William Hopkirk, age 66, born in Scotland, a farmer,  a United Presbyterian, living in a log home built in 1840. Also in the household are John Hopkirk, age 20, born in Upper Canada, a farmer, Joseph Hopkirk, age 22, born in Upper Canada, a farmer, and Elizabeth Neelands, age 54, born in Scotland, a servant, widowed.
In the neighboring household, a log home built in 1859, we find Wiliam Hopkirk and his wife Jannet, both aged 27, and both born in Scotland, and their child Mary P. Hopkirk age 2.

Also in a neighboring household is an Alex Neelands, age 21, a servant, is probably the son of Elizabeth Neelands. Elizabeth Neelands is obviously the "Mrs. Neilans" mentioned in family papers noted above and the woman Willam HABKIRK married late in life.

Please note, the 1871 census lists the family name as HOBKIRK
From the 1871 census in McKillop we find William Hobkirk, age 75, a farmer, married to Elizabeth age 64, Presbyterians.

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