George HOBKIRK and Helen PORTEAS were married on April 1, 1792, Crailing, Roxburghshire, Scotland

George HOBKIRK and Helen PORTEAS had the following known children:

James HOBKIRK, christened 4 February 1793 at Crailing, Roxburgh

William HOBKIRK, christened 8 November 1795 at Crailing, Roxburgh(William is the source of the Canadian HABKIRKS)

George HOBKIRK, christened 6 August 1797 at Crailing, Roxburgh(George is the source of the USA HABKIRKS and some of the
                                    St.Lawrence County, New York HOBKIRKS)
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Robert HOBKIRK, born 22 May 1801 at Crailing, Roxburgh. He possibly married Mary Paterson.

John HOBKIRK, born 28 November 1804, Crailing, Roxburgh

Margaret HOBKIRK, born 17 February 1807, Crailing, Roxburgh

Around 1830 the William HOBKIRK family immigrated to Ontario Canada(Click on the William link above for more details) This family settled in the McKillop, Seaforth Area. The last birth in Scotland for this family was July 7, 1828, and the first birth in Canada is around 1831. It is unclear when they started using the name HABKIRK, but it was probably fairly early upon arrival in Canada..

Also around 1830,  the George HOBKIRK family immigrated to Canada  The last birth in Scotland was 1 April 1829 and the first birth in Canada was 25 August 1831. Around 1832 the George HOBKIRK family moved to Lisbon, St. Lawrence County, New York. A branch of this family moved to Michigan and began using the spelling HABKIRK. The branch of the family that remained in Lisbon is using the spelling HOBKIRK, although the 1880 census records them as HOPKIRK. This is the only known branch of the family in the USA that has used all three spellings of the family name.

Given the dates and places of birth, it is very likely that William and George and their families all travelled together from Scotland to Canada.

Family history also says there were the following children born to George HOBKIRK & Helen SCOTT: Walter 1813, Ester 1815, Isabel 1818 and a baby girl date unknown.  There was a marriage between George HOBKIRK & Helen SCOTT on 1 Augut 1813 in Ancrum, Rox. This was probably a second marriage for George. It is remotely possible this was a first marriage for the George born in 1797.

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