Walter HOPKIRK is probably the 9th child of James HOPKIRK & Anne WRIGHT, born 26 October 1794 in Melrose, Scotland.

But, given the naming pattern of the children, it is also possible that this Walter was an unrecorded birth of Alexander HOPKIRK & Barbara AMOS.

On 27 November 1825, Walter married Janet PEASTON in Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.

From the 1841 census we have the following information:

Hopkirk, Walter, age 40, Shoemaker, born outside census county
Hopkirk, Janet, age 35, Midlothian
Hopkirk, Robert, age 20, Tailor Journeyman, Midlothian
Hopkirk, Janet, age 15, Midlothian
Hopkirk, James, age 10, Midlothian
Hopkirk, William, age 9, Midlothian
Hopkirk, Barbara, age 5, Midlothian
Hopkirk, Mary, age 3, Midlothian
Hopkirk, Euphume, age 2, Midlothian
Hopkirk, Margret, age 1, Midlothian

Robert, above, is probably the son of a previous marriage of Janet.  Also, Walter should be about 47, so the ages are not very accurate.

The first son born after the marriage was James, which would be Walter's father. However, there is no daughter named Anne, after Walter's mother.
There is a daughter named Barbara, so could Walter be an unrecorded birth to Alexander and Barbara Hopkirk?

But, from the 1851 census in Melrose, we find this entry:

Hopkirk, Robert, Head, unmarried, age 53, Boot & Shoemaker, 4 employees, born Melrose
Hopkirk, Mary, Sister, unmarried, age 51, Housekeeper, born Melrose
Hopkirk, William, Nephew, unmarried, age 22, Boot Closer, born Edinburgh, Midlothian

Almost all the sons of James Hopkirk(1756) were shoemakers, so this Walter is probably the son of James, and the Robert in the 1851 census is definitely James'(1756) son, and William is most likely Walter's son.

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