William(5) HOPKIRK and Isabelle HOME

Based on traditional Scottish naming patterns, William was the oldest son of James(4) HOPKIRK and Anne WRIGHT.  There is no record of Williams(5) birth, but he was undoubtedly the son of James(4) HOPKIRK and Anne WRIGHT, based on family letters and other conclusive evidence.  Click here to read a letter written by Isabelle HOME to her children in the USA in 1841. William, like his father, was a shoemaker by trade in Melrose. To learn more about Isabelle Home's brother Robert and their family, go here. Our thanks goes to Graeme Glass for allowing us to present this wonderful article.

Based on Walter HOPKIRK'S family history, his father William HOPKIRK was born December 25, 1780. We have since found William's christening record of 7 Janaury 1781 in Jedburgh recorded as William HOBKIRK, the son of James HOBKIRK and Ann WRIGHT.

We will supply a little more detail on this couple at a later date.

Their children were all born in Melrose, Scotland:

    Elizabeth(6),c.16Sep1804. Died at sea between 1846 and 1850, while returning to Scotland.(no issue)

    James(6), c.08Mar1807. James died in April of 1841. See letter dated June 30, 1841.   (no known issue)

    John(6), b.01Apr1809(USA branch)

    William(6), b.9May1811, married (Mary) Jane REDPATH(USA branch)

    David(6), c. 23Oct1814.  Was in Iowa, USA around 1840. Died at sea prior to 1851. (no known issue)

    Robert(6), c25 Nov 1817(New Zealand branch)

    Walter(6), c.22 Apr 1821(USA branch)

    Alexander(6), c.26Jun 1823(New Zealand branch)

Below is a photo of Isabella Home Hopkirk, taken prior to 1857 when photography was in its infancy. We are deeply indebted to John Samuel Hopkirk, a descendant of Alexander(1823-1907) listed above, for sharing this photo with us.The photo was located in the bible of Alexander's son John Brown Hopkirk, amd undoubtedly travelled with the family when they moved from Scotland to New Zealand. Isabella is probably wearing some kind of bonnet.

Isabella Home Hopkirk !783-1857

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