William HOPKIRK was the eldest son of James HOPKIRK and Jane EMSLIE

William HOPKIRK was born 10 Dec 1871 At Canongate, Edinburgh, Scotland, and was a plumber by trade.  On 27 Apr 1894 William HOPKIRK married Agnes GOODFELLOW at Old St. Paul's Church, Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh. (Witnesses were James Edwin PARK and Mary GOODFELLOW)   One and 1/2 years after this wedding, William HOPKIRK'S witness(bestman?) James Edwin PARK married Mary Ann HOPKIRK, William's younger sister!   

Agnes GOODFELLOW was a warehouse woman, born about 1873 and the daughter of James GOODFELLOW, gardener, and Ann McCOMBE. Agnes GOODFELLOW passed away on 17 December 1961.

As of 1901, William HOPKIRK and Agnes GOODFELLOW were living at 44 Causewayside, Edinburgh, Newington.
William is listed as 29, a plumber. Agnes is 28, Annie is 6, James is 4, and Jane is 2.

 William died on 15 January 1953.

William HOPKIRK and Agnes GOODFELLOW had the following children:

     Annie McCombe HOPKIRK, born 11 July 1895.  Annie married William GORDON, and died 18 Dec 1990 with no issue.

     James HOPKIRK, born 7 Jun 1896.  He died 18 Dec. 1914.     (Question, did he die during WWI?)

     Jane Emslie HOPKIRK, born 4 Dec 1898.  She died 2 Sept 1989.

     Agnes Goodfellow HOPKIRK, born 1 Apr 1901.  Agnes married Henry Edward BIRKINSHAW IN 1923. She died 8 Feb 1982.

     Mary(May) HOPKIRK, born 28 Jul 1903. May never married and passed away around 1994.
              (See picture of May HOPKIRK and John K. Hopkirk of USA, below)

     Elizabeth Stewart HOPKIRK, born 24 Dec 1905.   Elizabeth died in infancy.

     William HOPKIRK, born 10 Feb 1907.  William died in March 1991.

     Jessie Emslie HOPKIRK, born 23 July 1911.  Jessie died 29 April 1980.

     Alexander Herbert HOPKIRK, born 6 Jun 1916.  He died in Oct 1979.


Mary(May) Hopkirk(1903-1994?) and John K. Hopkirk of USA

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