There are many known Hopkirk Coat of Arms. Below please find some info about them. If you know of any not listed on this page, please send an email to hopkirk@hopkirk.org

Coat of Arms at St. Mungo Cathedral. Our thanks goes Margaret Sainte Claire of Glasgow for discovering this Coat of Arms in the St. Mungo Cathedral in Glasgow.  The arms are in the Lower Church on a pillar near the tomb of St Mungo. The Lower Church is one of the chief glories of medieval Scottish architecture. In the center stands the shrine of St. Mungo, patron saint of Glasgow who died in 603. To this sacred spot thousands of pilgrims made their way in medieval times. In 1451 the pope declared it to be as meritorious to make a pilgrimage to Glasgow Cathedral as to Rome itself. See another view of the Coat of Arms.

Read more about St. Mungo Cathedral and its importance to the city of Glasgow.  Also see pictures of St. Mungos.

Coat of Arms of Thomas Hopkirk Coat of Arms granted February 1, 1774.

Information about the Coat of Arms of James Hopkirk granted in 1815

There was another Coat of Arms which was lost with the death of Gordon Hopkirk in Thailand in 1956.


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