James HOPKIRK Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms issued to James Hopkirk is a liitle different from the one issued to his father, but they have many similarities and the same motto....SPERO PROCEDERE.  I have been told the motto means "I hope to prosper."    I like it!  :-)   The Coat of Arms on the opening page of this web site belongs to this James Hopkirk.

Following is the wording of the James HOPKIRK Coat of Arms:

To All and Sundry whom these Presents do or may concern.  We, THOMAS ROBERT, Earl of Kinnoull & Lord Lyon King of Arms do hereby Certify and Declare that the Ensigns Armorial pertaining and belonging to JAMES HOPKIRK, of Dalbeth in the County of Lanark, Esquire, Son of Thomas Hopkirk Esquire, who was the Son of francis Hopkirk Esquire, Son of William Hopkirk Esquire of the Parish of Cranstoun in Mid-Lothian;  Are Matriculated in the public registers of the Lyon Office and are Blazoned as on the Margin thus Viz = Gules a Sultyr Engrailed Argent, between Four flower de Lis Or.   Above the sheild is placed an Helmut befiting his degree, with a Mantling Gules, the doubling Argent and on a wreath of his Liveries is set for Crest a dexter Arm in Armour Erect and couped at the elbow the hand proper, winged, beaked, membered and armed Or.  Which Armorial Ensigns and Supporters, We do hereby ratify and confirm to the said James Hopkirk Esquire, as Chief of the name of Hopkirk in Scotland, and to the Heirs general of his Body as their proper Arms and Bearing in all Time Coming.    In testimony whereof these Presents are Subscribed by James Home of  Linhouse Esquire our Deputy and the seal of Our Office is appended herunto at Edinburgh this Eighth day May in the Year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifteen.


Lyon Office Edin  8th May 1815                                                          James Home
This Patent is duly entered in
the records of the Lyon Office by
me John Ker Herald Painter
and Keeper of Lyon records.

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