Mansueto BAIOCCHI was the son of Arcangelo BAIOCCHI & Caterina FAGNANI

Mansueto married Rosa NOFORI prior to 1863. Her father was Gesulado NOFORI

Per the 1871 census, Manseuto was 27 years old, married and living in Corsica as an agriculturist for more than 6 months.

Per the 1881 census, Mansueto was 31, born in 1844, an agricultural laborer

View the 1871 and 1881 census information.

Mansueto and Rosa had the following known children:

     Sofia BAIOCCHI, daughter born about 1863 or 1864

     Natale BAIOCCHI, son born between 1865 & 1867

     Enrichetta BAIOCCHI, daughter born about 1870

     Zaffira BAIOCCHI, daughter born in 1872

     Aladino BAIOCCHI, son born in 1874

     Angela BAIOCCHI, daughter born in 1876

     Sara BAIOCCHI, daughter born in 1879

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