Arcangelo BAIOCCHI & Caterina FAGNANI

We owe our gratidtude to Divo Stagi, Elvira Baiocchi Pretorius, Elvira's daughter Theresa and Rob Luchessi  for supplying most of the information and wonderful photos about the BAIOCCHI and related families included in this section.

Arcangelo BAIOCCHI was born about 1807 in the village of Meati, near Lucca, Tuscany region of Italy. His father was named Alessandro BAIOCCHI.

Arcangelo BAIOCCHI married Caterina FAGNANI. Caterina was born about 1809 and came from a nearby village called Fagnano. Her father was named Bastiano FAGNANI.

From the 1871 census we know they had the following known children:

     Raffaelle BAIOCCHI, born about 1835. His profession is Agriculture and he is married to Massima Del Chicca, born about 1835.

     Mansueto BAIOCCHI, born about 1843, living in Corsica as an agriculturalist for more than 6 months per 1871 census

     Carlo BAIOCCHI, born about 1847, employed in Rome for more than 6 months, per 1871 census.

     Emilio BAIOCCHI born in Meati about 1850

Arcangelo Baiocchi passed away in 1874.

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