Abraham Paul PRETORIUS & Charlotte Magdalena Walli SCHNEIDER

Abraham Paul PRETORIUS was born 30 March 1893 at Potchefstroom, South Africa.

Abraham Paul PRETORIUS' parents were probably Jan Adriaan PRETORIUS and Aletta Catharina DU PLESSIS

(Abraham Paul PRETORIUS' daughter Matilda remembers her grandmothers' maiden name was Aletta DU PLESSIS. There is only one marriage that fits this criteria. Jan Adriaan PRETORIUS married Aletta Catharina DU PLESSIS on 6 January 1883 at Rustenburg, Transvaal, South Africa.)

Charlotte Magdalena Walli SCHNEIDER was born 25 July 1903 in Berlin, Germany, the daughter of Karl SCHNEIDER and Helena KRÜGER. Charlotte had the age of 13 she moved to South West Africa.

The Pretorius family and the Schneider family knew each other in Germany, and Abraham and Charlotte met each other when they were young. The Schneider family was Jewish. The Pretorius family helped the Schneider family get out of Germany around 1914.

Later, Abraham Paul PRETORIUS and Charlotte Magdalena Walli SCHNEIDER married in South West Africa.(Now known as Namibia)
Marriage certificate spells her name as "Charlotte Magdalena Walle Schneider"and school records list her name as "Wally." Wally is not a common spelling in Germany. "Walli" would probably be a Swiss spelling, and Walle is also an uncommon Germany spelling. The name could also be a variant of "Wahle." 

The marriage certificate reads as follows:
     Special Marriage License:
     Protectorate of South West Africa
     Abraham Paulus Pretorius (age 27) & Charlotte Magdalena Walle Schneider (age 17)
     Acting Magistrate: Josias Jacobus de Witt
     Usakos, Karibib District,
     17th December, 1920

Solemnization of Marriage:
     Usakos, Karibib
     At Residence of mr. C Schneider
     18 December 1920
     Witnesses: P. H. Rainsford, Heinrich Muller
     Marriage Officer: J C Slatter


Abraham and Charlotte had the following children:

     John Ernst PRETORIUS, born 8 January 1922, at Karibib, South West Africa

     Dorothea Petronella PRETORIUS

     Matilda PRETORIUS, son & husband David

     Alfred Paul PRETORIUS, born 17 September 1930 and died 24 March 1994 of a heart attack.

 View some other photos below:

Abraham Paul Pretorius


Charlotte Schneider as a young woman

Charlotte Schneider Pretorius

Charlotte Schneider Pretorius, daughter-in-law Elvira, Abraham Paul Pretorius and granddaughters Theresa and Maureen

Charlotte passed away on 10 April 1980 at Johannesburg, South Africa, from Coronary Thrombosis.

Additional Information:

Charlotte school records:

School Record:
     31 March, 1911 - Gemeinde Schule, Rixfdorf, Rektor: Brandenburg, Class Teacher: Gentsch, Parent: Helene Schneider
     30 September, 1911 -and 30 March, 1912 - Gemeinde Schule, Rixdorf, Rektor: Brandenburg, Parent Teacher: Schiemann, Mother: Helene Schneider
     28 September, 1912 - Gemeinde Schule, Neukölln, Rektor: Brandenburg, Class Teacher: Schiemann, Parent: Helene Schneider
     19 March, 1913 - Gemeinde Schule, Neukölln, Rector: Hofferss, Class Teacher: Seliger, Parent: Helene Schneider
     27 September, 1913 - Gemeinde Schule, Neukölln, Rector: Brandenburg, Class Teacher: Windmüller, Parent: Helene Schenider
     31 March, 1914 - Gemeinde Schule, Neukölln, Rector: Brandenburg, Class Teacher: Windmüller, Parent: Helene Schneider
          Emigration to German South West Africa between March 1914 and September 1914.
     From September to November, 1914 - Regieringsschule zu Usakos, D.-S.-W.-Afrika, Class Teacher: Ullmann, Parent: Karl Schneider
            D.-S.-W.-Afrika=Deutsch-Sud-West Afrika(DSWA) and was controlled by Germany from 1884 until 1915.
            By 1914 there were over 10,000 Germans living in DSWA. 
     From February to July, 1915 - Regieringsschule zu Usakos, D.-S.-W.-Afrika, Class Teacher: Ullmann, Parent: Carl Schneider
            During World War I South African troops entered DSWA and on 15 July 1915 Germany turned control over to South Africa.
     From January to 28 July, 1916 - Deutsche Schule zu Usakos, Protectorate of South West Africa,
            Class Teacher: Ullmann, Parent: Karl Schneider
      In 1990 SWA became the independent country of Namibia.

View Theresa's Fun Page. Theresa is a descendant of Abraham and Charlotte.

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