William Cleghorn HOPEKIRK

William Cleghorn HOPEKIRK was the son of James HOPEKIRK and Barbara CLEGHORN

William was born about 1846 in Edinburgh

In the 1870's William was probably in Canada, as on 17 May 1883 a William Cleghorn Hopekirk recorded a grant of land in Saskatchewan, Canada. View the record here.
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William Cleghorn HOPEKIRK married Mona Amelia STOWELL in 1887 in Wirral, Cheshire.

William and Mona had the following known children:

William Cleghorn Stowell HOPEKIRK, born about 1889 in Edinburgh.
Alexander C. HOPEKIRK, born about 1890 in Duddington
Jane(t) C. HOPEKIRK, born about 1890 in Duddington
Mona T. S. HOPEKIRK, born about 1899 in Edinburgh

From the 1881 census, details on his parents page linked above, William was living with his wife's sisters, and his own sister Jane at 14 Brights Crest, St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh.

From the 1891 census we find William Hopekirk, age 45, a manager/shopkeeper, living at Moira Villa Park, Duddington, Portobello, Midlothian. Also there is his wife, age 31, born in the Isle of Man, William C. S. HOPEKIRK, age 2. (William drowned in Brazil on 7 Sept 1916 at Manaos, and recorded 7 January 1917 in Edinburgh by his sister Janet Hopekirk.) Alexander HOPEKIRK, age 1, Jane(t) HOPEKIRK, age 1, and Margaret BLELOCK, age 28, a domestic servant, born in Culross, Perthshire.

William Cleghorn Hopekirk passed away on 28 July 1927 in Edinburgh. View record here, as confirmed by his wife Mona Amelia Stowell HOPEKIRK.

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