Robert Craigie HOPEKIRK and Mary WEBB

Our thanks goes to Glenys Bolland, of Brisbane, Australia, for researching and supplying us with the newspaper information for the family name HOPEKIRK from 1600 to 1900.

We also  thank Benedict Kolcynski for supplying family history for this branch of the family, especially the Francis Margaret Hopekirk branch of the family

In addition, we thank Robyn Spooner for supplying most of the family information on the Agnes Hopekirk, born 1840, branch of the family.


Robert Craigie HOPEKIRK was the eldest known son of James HOPEKIRK & Agnes PATERSON

Robert was christened on 24 Nov. 1809, St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh.

Mary WEBB was the daughter of Nathanal WEBB and Mary BUCHANAN and christened 22 September 1813 in Tarbolton, Ayrshire, Scotland

In 1835 Robert Craigie HOPEKIRK & Mary WEBB were listed for their marriage Banns at St. Mary Le Bow Parish
The Marriage Bann lists Mary WEBB as being from Hollington, Hastings, Sussex.
St. Mary Le Bow Parish is located in London.

Robert Craigie HOPEKIRK and Mary WEBB had the following children:

     Isabella HOPEKIRK, born about 1837, St. George Parish, Middlesex

     John Webb HOPEKIRK, born about 1838,

     Agnes HOPEKIRK, born about 1840, Exeter, The Close

     Flora HOPEKIRK, born about 1842, Exeter, St. Lawrence

     Mary HOPEKIRK, born about 1844, Exeter, St. Lawrence

     Francis Margaret HOPEKIRK, born about 1846, Exeter, St. Martin

     Walter HOPEKIRK, born 23 September 1848, Exeter, St. Martin(birthdate is from newspaper)

     William HOPEKIRK, born about 1850, Exeter, St. Martin

     Edith HOPEKIRK, born about 1853, Exeter, St. Lawrence

     George HOPEKIRK, born about 1856, Exeter, St. Lawrence


From Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertier 25 June 1840 and again on 23 July 1940 is the following advertizement: R. Hopekirk, late foreman to Mr. Piper, High Street is commencing his own business selling wigs at Cathedral Yard, Exeter.
So Robert HOPEKIRK must have been apprenticed to Mr. Piper for sometime prior to venturing out on his own in 1840.

From the 1841 census, this family was living in the Parish "Close of St. Peters Cathedral". The address is Cathedral Yard, Exeter City, Devon. Robert is listed as 29, a Hairdresser, born in Edinburgh. Mary as 24, born in Ayrshire. All the children were born in Devon(John, Isabella, & Agnes) Also in the house is Ann PLAUS, age 15. Ann PLAUS may be a servant.

2 September 1847. Hopekirk's eau-d'Afrique: or liquid milkitary hair dye. Advertisement for it; 42 High Street, Exeter, opposite Queen Street; also agent for Farina's German eau de Cologne.(Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertier)

12 October 1847, John Webb HOPEKIRK died at age 9 1/2 "after most severe suffering; only son of Mr. R. Hopekirk, perfumer, High Street, Exeter." ) (from Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertier 14 October 1847)

From the 1851 census, this family is living at 42 High Street, and Robert is listed as age 42, a Hairdresser and Perfumer. John is not listed, as he has passed away.

30 October 1851, Mrs Hopekirk advertised her Parisian millinery and other goods available at 223 High Street(corner of Queens Street), Exeter.

10 November 1853, Mrs. Hopekirk advertised that she has moved her millinery business from 228 High Street, Exeter, to 7 Queen Street(next door to Queen's Hotel.

15 November 1853, Robert Craigie HOPEKIRK of Exeter, perfumer, facing Bankruptcy Court, Exeter. London Gazette, 15 November 1853 and reprinted 16 November 1853 in Morning Chronicle, London.

22 December 1853, Robert Craigie HOPEKIRK, hairdresser of Exeter, Last examination re: his bankruptcy.

28 December 1854, Mr. Hopekirk gave 5 shillings for the Royal Patriotic Fund, City of Exeter.

3 June 1858. Hopekirk's elegant hair cutting saloon, at 12 High Street, opposite St. Lawrence's Church

19 May 1859 Mrs. Hopekirk advertised the sale of her millinery at 12 High Street, Exeter.

Fr\om the 1861 census, the family is now living at 12 High Street, Robert, age 51, Mary is 48, born Tarbolton, Ayrshire. Isabella is not listed, Flora is not listed, Francis is not listed, William is not listed. Also in the household is Harriet Broadman, age 16, servant. Robert employees one male and 2 boys in his shop. Per family history, Frances has gone to live with her aunt in Edinburgh.

4 September 1861, Robert Craigie HOPEKIRK of 12 High Street, Exeter, hairdresser and perfumer; and his wife are carrying on a business as milliner at 254 High Street, Exeter. Details noted in petition of bankruptcy. (Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertier)

From Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertier 2 October 1861 we find the death announcement for Mary HOPEKIRK at Cowley-hill, near Exeter, age 48, wife of Mr. HOPEKIRK, High Street.

30 August 1865. Robert Craigie HOPEKIRK, of Exeter re bankruptcy.

In the 3rd quarter of 1865 Robert Hopekirk married Laura Perrott, England & Wales Marriage Index, Volumne 5b, page 186

10 October 1868, Mr. Robert C. Hopekirk died at 12 High Street, Exeter, age 65; leaving a widow and 9 children.
(Given the previous death of his wife Mary in 1861, Robert must have remarried. Also, since we know he had 10 children, and that his son John died in 1847, his other 9 children are still living as of 1868.)

21 October 1868, Mrs Hopekirk, of 12 High Street, Exeter, widow of the late Mr. R. Hopekirk, advertised that she intends to continue the business of her deceased husband.

21 February 1877, Laura HOPEKIRK of Exeter, a widow; was in partnership of the West of England and South Wales District Bank.(Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertier)

Laura HOPEKIRK passed away in the 4th quarter of 1899 at St. Thomas, Devonshire


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