John HOBKIRK was born 9 Decemjber 1884, the son of Robert HOBKIRK and Annie FOWLER

John was born in Scotland.
John immigrated to the USA in 1890 along with his brothers and sisters. It is not known if his father had passed away before they moved to the USA.
Per descendants, Lilly was born August 5, 1889 in Chestnut, Illinois.

In 1900 John is living with his mother's new husband, James Nilson, or Wilson, in Austin, Macon, Illinois. John is listed as born in Scotland, age 15, born in December 1884, and immigrated to the USA in 1890.

In 1910 we find John, age 25, living with his new bride, Lily, age 20, in Illini, Macon, Illinois. Lily was born in Illinois, as were her parents. John is a farmer and his immigration year is 1890. Under naturalization, it is coded "PA", meaning his first papers towrd Naturalization had been filed.
From the 1920 census we find John is now age 35, and Lilly is age 30, and they are still living in Austin, Macon, Illinois. John is now a Naturalized citizen. They have the following childrem: Lucille D, age 9, Delmar H, age 6 and Donald E. age one month. John is renting and is a farmer.

John and Lily had the following known children:

Lucille D. Hobkirk, born about 1911
Delmar H Hobkirk, born about 1914
Donald E. Hobkirk, born about 1920
Juanita D. Hobkirk, born about 1929

From the 1930 census the family is living in South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana, 1215 Thirtieth Street, they are renting. John is a welder at an auto factory, and Lucille works at a shirt factory.

From the 1940 census they are still at the same residence. John is  "grinder" at an automative parts factory. Lucille is a "winder" at a garment factory and Donald is a laborer.

From a 1932 city directory we learn John(wife Lillie) is a meetal finisher at Studebaker Corp. and Lucille is a seamstress, living at 1215 south 1215 30th Street. Delmar also lives there.

From a 1935 city directory we learn Delmar is a driver for Wm. R. Mays, Jr., John is a laborer for Studebaker Corp., and an assembler, and Lucille is an employee of Wilson Bros. They all live at 1215 South 30th Street..

From a 1945 city directory we learn that John is still married to Lilly and he is a factory worker for Studebaker and they still live at 1215 30th St. Lucille is a machine operater at Bike Web Co. and still living at 1215 30th. Street. Delmar (wife Elsie M) is a driver for Mercury Motorways. He lives at 1325 30th Street.

I can find no Social Security death records for John or Lillie, so I'm assuming they never had social security numbers.

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