Gary Allen Hill was the son of Marvin F. Hill and Elizabeth Mae(Betty Mae) HOPKIRK

Gary Allen Hill passed away at home January 27, 2013. He missed being born on Christmas day by 2 hours arriving on December 26, 1944 in Hawthorne, Nevada; however he spent the majority of his childhood in rural areas from Colorado to Farmington, New Mexico.

Gary chuckled often as he retold the stories from his youth from hauling water from the creek to the house, to his first scooter, old hot rod, or jeepold enough to poses a drivers license or not.

After high school Gary served in the U.S. Army as a communications expert during the Vietnam era. Those stories, though few, included spooks and bailing out of helicopteAfter being honorably discharged Gary attended New Mexico State University where he studied history. He was a wealth of information and anyone trying to recall any event- anywhere, at any time in history could rest assured Gary could bring it to life in their mind.

Drilling, however, became Garys calling starting out with oil wells in the cities of Southern California to ultimately the underground at the Nevada Test Site where he retired.

Winters of retirement found Gary living and working at the campgrounds of Lake Mojave where sick and wounded animals including: a road-runner with a broken beak; an array of abandoned baby birds; and a badger were drawn to his calm, gentle nature. Once back on their feet, or wing as the case may have been; they still dropped back in for the occasional meal.

Summers brought Gary north to Ely where he eventually stayed. Gary took retirement seriously at this point and he was having the time of his life.

Gary is survived by his son Anthony (Tony) Reader of Collinsville, Oklahoma and was preceded in death by his mother, Betty May Hopkirk; and a brother, Craig Hill.

Your quick wit, sense of humor, and Garyisms will be sorely missed. We were blessed. Thank you. To pleasant shores our friend.

Gary will be laid to rest in Ely and all who would like to share in a celebration of his life are invited to join friends at the Outpost Bar for a potluck including military honors this Saturday, February 16, at 1pm.

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