Anne Murphy, Fighter Pilot

On September 18, 2009 Anne flew a World War II era Italian fighter trainer plane.

Anne was in six "dog fights" with another woman pilot. They each won 3. You would try to get the other in your "sights"  going high or low and trying to get behind the other and then shot imaginery bullets, and if you made "contact"(probably laser), a little white smoke would come out of the other plane.

Here are some of the photos from getting ready through takeoff, then after she has returned. (There is also a DVD of her actually flying)
Click on the number below to view the photo.

01 Putting on beanie

02 Posing with beanie

03 Now with helmet

04 Kara, the other woman flying plane # 201

05 Anne

06 Anne with her game face on

07 last goodbyes

08 Anne onboard

09 Anne onboard

10 Anne onboard

11 Anne onboard with helmet

12 Kara onboard

13 Contact!!

14 Taxi

15 They are off

16 The wild blue yonder

17 Mission Accomplished (little better than George's)

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