Pictures of Robert HIGGINS and his descendants

We are deeply indebted to Jean Ashbrook for supplying most of the pictures in this section.

Robert Higgins(1824-1887)  

Reverse side of Robert HIGGINS photo  

Clyde STEPHEY-World War I photo (Clyde was Robert HIGGINS' grandson)  

David STEPHEY & Emma B. HIGGINS photo (Emma was Robert HIGGINS' daughter)

Emma B. HIGGINS STEPHEY photo (Emma was Robert HIGGNS' daughter)  


Ferne STEPHEY SELLECK photo  (Ferne was Robert HIGGINS' granddaughter)  

Ferne Stephey SELLECK, Edna Jones EDWARDS, Ethel STEPHEY, Clyde STEPHEY photo  (These were Robert HIGGINS' grandchildren)

Iva, Edna, and Alice JONES photo, circa 1895 (These were Robert HIGGINS' granddaughters)

Iva (JONES) HOPKIRK (Iva was Robert HIGGINS' granddaughter)

James Trimble HIGGINS (James was Robert HIGGINS' son and twin brother of Laura Jane HIGGINS)

John, Edna, Laura, Alice & Iva JONES photo (Laura was Robert Higgins' daughter)

Laura Jane HIGGINS & John Elliot JONES  Potrait. (Laura was Robert Higgins' daughter) *cb

Laura Jane HIGGINS & John Elliot JONES homestead, probably prior to 1902, since Iva married in 1902. *cb

Portrait of children of Iva JONES & Frank HOPKIRK (These were great grand children of Robert HIGGINS) *cb

Margaret HOPKIRK & husband, Fred KOHTZ (Margaret was the great granddaughter of Robert HIGGINS)   *cb

Harriet HOPKIRK (Harriet was Robert HIGGINS' great granddaughter) *cb

Maurice HOPKIRK (Maurice was Robert HIGGINS' great grandson)

J. Kent HOPKIRK Family (Kent was Robert HIGGINS' great grandson)

Robert HIGGINS & Serepta BROOKS or Samantha CLAYTON (Since this photo was produced in Emporia, Kansas, there is a good likelihood this is Samantha CLAYTON, and NOT Serepta BROOKS)

Serepta BROOKS or Samantha CLAYTON?

Eric(son of David) David(son of Jean) Elizabeth(daughter of David) and Jean, seated (great granddaughter of Robert HIGGINS)

Janet(34), David(53), Tom(56) and Gary(46) (great great grandchildren of Robert HIGGINS)

*cb=our thanks goes to Carol Bolton for supplying these wonderful photos

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