Hopkirk Cousins Reunion

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the lovely home of Howard and Kathy Hopkirk. Six grandchildren, three great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren of Iva Jones and Frank Hopkirk, along with spouses, gathered to enjoy each others company and the wonderful weather and food. Also joining the fun was distant cousins John D. Hopkirk,his wife June, and their daughter Liz. We also took this occasion to celebrate a recent milestone birthday of cousin Diane.

Diane Kalliam, Susan Conrad, and Don Hopkirk

Enjoying the backyard

Enjoying the backyard    The Max Rogers Family, the Howard Hopkirk family and Ken Gigliello

Relaxing in the backyard   Nancy Hopkirk, Sandi Gigliello, and Don Hopkirk

Peeking inside  The food is served!!

Great Food    Laura Rogers, Ken and Sandi Gigliello, and John D. Hopkirk

Carol, Max and Laura

The Birthday girl, Diane Kalliam, being a good sport

Liz and June Hopkirk  

Ken Gigliello, June and John D. Hopkirk

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