Clarence E. (Elmer) HIGGINS and Mary ENDICOTT

Clarence Elmer HIGGINS was the second son of Robert HIGGINS and Jane ALLEN  

He was known by the name Elmer in his younger years, "Dad' Higgins in later life.

Elmer was born January 31, 1852 in New Lexington, Ohio in Clayton Township, Perry County, Ohio.

He appears in the 1860 census of Mt Hope Township, Mclean County, Illinois. See his fathers page for the details.

Elmer married Mary ENDICOTT on February 18, 1875.

From the 1880 census, we know that Elmer was living in Spring Creek area of Nucholls County, Nebraska.

By 1880 C. Elmer HIGGINS had married Mary ENDICOTT. Mary was aged 27 and born in Indiana. Mary's father was born in Kentucky and her mother was born in Indiana.

Elmer and Mary had two children by 1880:

Bertha A. HIGGINS, aged 3, born in Illinois. Bertha must have married a Mr. S. Neal.

Franklin HIGGINS, aged 2, born in Illinois.

There was at least one other child, Alpha Earl HIGGINS, a daughter who died 2 January 1955 at Methodist Hospital, Soiux City, Iowa and is buried in Sloan Cemetery, Woodbury, Iowa. Alpha married Foster Milo LAMB on 26 May 1912 in Sloan, Iowa.. Foster was born 5 November 1887 in Woodbury, Iowa and died 28 February 1970 at Onawa Hospital, Onawa, Iowa. Alpha and Foster had two children: Everett FOSTER, born 5 November 1918 in Woodbury, Iowa and he died 15 November 1944 in Soiux City, Iowa. Everett left a wife and three children. The second child of Alpha and Foster may still be living.

It is interesting that he had a son named Franklin. Elmer's older brother was named Franklin. This son was obviously named in honor of his deceased older brother who had passed away January 26, 1870.

Elmer was a resident of Sloan, Iowa for his last 22 years.

Elmer passed away on 8 December 1929 at the home of his son in Omaha, Nebraska, at 77 years, 10 months and 8 days.

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