William Francis GLEESON & Mary WHITE

William Francis GLEESON was the son of William GLEESON and Honora GLEESON.

William Francis GLEESON was born 28 October 1870 and baptised on 30 October 1870 at Silvermines, Killaloe Diocese

We find Wm F. GLEESON, age 20, departing Liverpool, England on 14 May 1891, destination New York, on the ship Germanic. He is listed as a laborer. His age fits with the birth record of October 30, 1870 in Silvermines, Tipperary of William GLEESON, parents listed as William GLEESON and Honora GLEESON. So William may have gotten his birth year wrong on his draft card, & the 1920 census and the error was continued on his death certificate. View his departure record. His departure year matches the arrival year on the 1900 census record.

From the 1900 census we find Willie F. GLEASON, age 29, birth in October 1870, immigration year 1891, single, living with his brother Patrick Gleason, age 27, born November 1872, immigration year 1892 and married in 1899 to Dell, age  27, born in June 1872, immigration year 1892. All three of them are from Ireland. Patrick is a day laborer, and William is a Night Watchman.

From the 1910 census we find William, age 35,  living with his new wife Mary, age 32, and they have a young son, William F. GLEESON, age 2. William and Mary have been married for 4 years. William is now a carpenter, and they are living at 328 Holyoke Street, San Francisco.
So he married Mary WHITE around 1906. Mary WHITE was born 25 March 1877 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Mary's mother's maiden name was McCORMACK. Mary passed away on 5 October 1957 in Alameda County, California.

As of 1915 the family was living at 356 Holyoke Street, San Francisco, California. See the family photo at the bottom of the page, dated 5 September 1915.

From the 1920 census we know that William GLEESON arrived in the United States in 1891 at the age of 20 years. From is draft registration card dated September 12, 1918 we find William Francis Gleeson living at 360 Holyoke Street, San Francisco. He is 43 years old and he was born on 28 October 1874. He is a police officer for the City and County of San Francisco. His nearest relative is his wife Mary. He is listed as tall, with a stout build. He has blue eyes and dark brown hair. View draft registration card

Additional information from the 1920 census is all their children are now on the census records. It is interesting to note that the next census record is that of Patrick Gleeson, age 47 at 610 Bacon Street. He is located just around the corner. This is William's brother. Patrick arrived in the USA in 1892 and his 45 year old wife arrived in 1893 from Ireland. They have a 17 year old daughter named Mary. Patrick is a foreman doing "city repairs."

William's cousin James GLEESON's daughter, Mary Ellen GLEESON 1922-2009, remembers Mary WHITE being known as "Minni" and that most of their sons were tall.
James GLEESON's portion of the family arrived in the USA in the early 1900's and probably came to San Francisco because of cousin William or Patrick GLEESON's recommendation. View James GLEESON's portion of the family.

Following were the children of William GLEESON and Mary WHITE:

     William Francis GLEESON, born 28 Sep 1907 in San Francisco. He passed away 14 Dec 1982 in Santa Clara County.
          He may be the same William F. Gleeson, age 22, listed as a newspaper reporter in Monterey, Ca. in 1930.
          He may have become an attorney in the Salinas, Monterey area.

     Joseph B. GLEESON was born around 1910 in San Francisco.

     John Philip GLEESON, born 21 May 1913 in San Francisco. He passed away 1 May 1997 in San Joaquin County.
          John became a priest after first being married to "Joyce."

     Cyril James GLEESON, born 6 June 1915 in San Francisco. He passed away 11 May 1985 in Contra Costa County.

     Margaret M. GLEESON, born around 1917 in San Francisco.

     James Leonard GLEESON, born 30 October 1918 in San Francisco. He passed away on 17 May 1965 in San Joaquin County.
          He went by the name of Leonard. He died in a fire in Lodi. His wife may have been Helen Kelly.

From the 1930 census we know this family was living at 360 Holyoke, San Francisco, and William is listed as a Policeman.

William Francis GLEESON passed away on 12 December 1941, 5 days after the Pearl Harbor attack. The death certificate confirms his draft notice birth date as 28 October 1874, in "Other Country".  His mother's maiden name is listed as GLEESON. So were William's parents cousins?

Our thanks goes to Gerard Ryan for supplying this wonderful photo of the William Framcis GLEESON and Mary White GLEESON family as of 15 September 1915.

William F Gleeson Family 1915

Joseph B Gleeson, born 1910, Cyril James GLEESON born 5 June 1915, Mary White GLEESON born 1877, John Phillip GLEESON born 21 May 1915, William F GLEESON born 1870, and William F GLEESON born 28 September 1907.

Reverse of 1915 William F Gleeson photo

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