James GLEESON (Oxley) and Mary GLEESON(they had the same last name, so Mary may have been some kind of distant cousin, but the marriage did not state "by special license")

Our thanks goes to Dr. Damian J. Gleeson for supplying much of the information on this page.

On 7 September 1841 James GLEESON married Mary GLEESON. The witnesses to their marriage were Pat LEAHY and Biddy (Bridget) GALVIN.
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Known children for this couple are:

     James GLEESON was baptised on 11 August 1846. Godparents were Martin GLEESON & Mary GLEESON. View baptism record here.

     Honora GLEESON Oxley was baptised 14 September 1848. Sponsors: W. RYAN & Catherine GLEESON. View baptism record here.

James GLEESON Oxley, Farmer, possibly passed away in 1874 at age 72.

(Memo: a descendant of the above James GLEESON(Oxley) and a descendant of Martin Gleeson, born 1829, and a son of another James GLEESON(Oxley) match on 66 out of 67 markers in DNA testing. So they are very closely related. Probably the common ancestor is around 1800.)
(Memo: it is unlikely that Martin Gleeson born in 1829 is the same Martin Gleeson who married Mary Gleeson, see the godparents of James born in 18446 above, but they may all be closely related.)

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