This page has information about children of James GLEESON(Oxley)
Known children are:
Martin GLEESON, born in 1829
Elizabeth GLEESON McNamara, born 15 Feb 1831(From her gravestone we know her parents were James GLEESON & Mary RYAN

This was taken from MISSING FRIENDS - VOLUME 5 - 20TH Feb 1864 - a newspaper add requesting information about lost or missing persons.

"Information wanted of MARTIN GLEESON, son of James Gleeson Oxley, of GARRYARD, near
the SILVER MINES; parish of KILMORE, county TIPPERARY. He is about 33 or
34 years of age, about 5ft 5 ins in height; stoutly built, broad
shouldered, dark hair and round face; he worked with Michael RYANOWN, in
PADDY TOWN, Virginia, about seven or eight years ago; his sister
ELIZABETH, and brother-in-law THOMAS MCNAMARA are living in MINNESOTA,
and are very anxious to hear from him. His father is constantly writing
to us if we have any account of him. COUSIN ELIZABETH, from CONNECTICUT,
wrote to us about six years ago, saying that he bought a farm in
ILLINOIS, and was not married then. If this should meet his eye, or
anyone knowing his whereabouts, they would confer a favor by writing to
New York and Illinois papers please copy."

rom the above we learn Martin GLEESON'S father is James Gleeson, Oxley.
Martin Gleeson was from Garryard, near Silvermines. (We know James Gleeson Oxley was located in Garryard West a mile or two west of Silvermines, near the old abandoned quarry on the left hand side as you are going away from Silvermines on route R499.
Martin Gleeson was about 33 or 34 in 1864, so his birth year was about 1829 or 1830.
He is about 5 feet 5 inches tall and stoutly built, broad shouldered, dark hair and round face.
In about 1856 he was in Paddy Town, Virginia. "Paddy Town" is now Keyser, West Virginia.)
His sister is Elizabeth Gleeson McNamara, married to Thomas and living in Caledonia, Houston County, Minnesota.
His father writes constantly if there is any word. So Martin's father, James Gleeson Oxley, is probably still in Ireland as of 1864.
There is a cousin named Elizabeth living in Connecticut. She wrote that he had purchased a farm in Illinois about 1858 and was not then married.

Using we find Elizabeth GLEESON, born 15 February 1831, Garryard to Mary Ryan & James Gleeson, Oxley.  She married Thomas McNamara.
She passed away on 11 Feb 1906. at Caledonia, Houston County, Minnesota
See her gravestone on Find a Grave, it reads: "Elizabeth, wife of Thomas McNamara & Dau. of James & Mary GLEESON of Garryard Parish of the Silvermines Tipperary Co. Ireland. Born Feb. 15, 1831. Died Feb 11, 1906."

We are hoping to locate a continual male Gleeson descendant of Martin GLEESON who is willing to be DNA tested so it can be compared to the DNA of James Gleeson, direct descendant of James Gleeson born about 1847, whose father was also James Gleeson. (Update, October 16, 2015, a descendant of Martin Gleeson has donated his DNA and it matches James Thomas Gleeson(August 15, 1923 to August 5, 2014) on 66 out of 67 markers.)

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