Harriet Hopkirk 90th Birthday Party

On July 8, 2000 we celebrated Harriet Hopkirk's 90th birthday party.

There was a nice crowd to help Harriet with the celebration. There were people there from the days when the family lived on East Grant Place in San Mateo and of course the relatives.  We were treated to many a humerous story about the "old days."

Following are links to some pictures from the party.

Harriet  Harriet still looks great, even after 90 years!!

Harriet, Carol and Shelley  Looks like a serious moment as Harriet talks to her daughter Carol, with daughter Shelley standing to Harriet's right side.

Shelley Here is Shelley telling a humerous story about growing with Harriet for her mother.

Cake   Here is Harriet's cake

Blowing out candles   Here is Harriet receiving help blowing out the candles.  Harriet's daughter Diane is standing to Harriet's right.

If anyone has some other good pictures from the party, please send them to hopkirk@hopkirk.org

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