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Helen HOPEKIRK was the second child of Adam HOPEKIRK & Helen Graham CROALL,
born 20 May 1856 in Portobello, Duddingston, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.

The family was living at 148 High Street, Portobello, Scotland.

View the Plaque commemorating the place of Helen's birth
This plaque was erected by the Portobello Community Council on Sunday, 21 May 2006.
The plaque reads as follows:

     Helen Hopekirk
     Pianist Teacher
     Lived here 1856-1868

View the plaque located on the building at 148 High Street, Portobello, Scotland

In 1868 Helen moved into central Edinburgh, just a few miles away, continue her music and piano studies.

In 1874 Helen was training at the Leipiz Conservatory.

In 1881 Helen was living at 11 Bulstrode Street, London, Middlesex, England, in the household of the George Lovegrove family.
Helen is listed as a "boarder" and "music teacher," age 23, born in Edinburgh.

To view a painting by John White Alexander, a famous American painter(1856-1915) titled "At the Piano," click here
It is Helen Hopekirk Wilson in 1894.

Read a wonderful article published in "the Scotsman", Evening News on Thursday, 6 April 2006

For more information about Helen Hopekirk, you may wish to find:

Muller, Dana G. "The Career and Piano Compositions of Helen Hopekirk." by Dana G. Muller, DMA Diss., Univ. of Hartford

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