Our thanks goes to Glenys Bolland, of Brisbane, Australia, for researching and supplying us with the newspaper information for the family name HOPEKIRK from 1600 to 1900.

We also  thank Benedict Kolcynski for supplying family history for this branch of the family, especially the Francis Margaret Hopekirk branch of the family

In addition, we thank Robyn Spooner for supplying most of the family information on the Agnes Hopekirk, born 1840, branch of the family.


James HOPEKIRK was the son of James HOPEKIRK & Agnes PATERSON

James was christened 26 Aug 1811, St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh

Barbara is probably the daughter of William CLEGHORN and his wife Jane. See the 1881 census info below of the CLEGHORN family, combined with the 1841 census of what is probably the same Cleghorn family members and their parents.

On 13 March 1840 James HOPEKIRK married Barbara Cleghorn at St. Cuthbert's.

From the 1841 census we find James HOPKIRK, age 25, Joiner Journeyman, born Midlothian as was the rest of the family, Barbara age 25, and James age 1 month living at 15 Brown Street, St. Cuthberts, Midlothian.

From the 1851 census we find James HOPKIRK, age 38, Carpenter Journeyman, born in Edinburgh, as was everyone else in the family. Barbara, age 30, James age 10, Jane, age 7, William, age 5, Agnes, age 3, Alexander, age 8 months and Janet, age 8 months.

The following are the children of James HOPEKIRK and Barbara CLEGHORN:

     James HOPEKIRK, christened, 1 May 1841 at St. Cuthbert's

     Jane HOPEKIRK, born about 1844 in Edinburgh

     William Cleghorn HOPEKIRK, born about 1846 in Edinburgh

     Agnes HOPEKIRK, born about 1849 in Edinburgh

     Alexander HOPEKIRK, born about 1850 in Edinburgh

     Janet Cleghorn HOPEKIRK, born about 1850 in Edinburgh(Living in Cramond, Midlothian in 1871)

From the 1881 census we find the following family living at 14 Brights Crest, Newington, St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh:

     Janet CLEGHORN, age 69, born in Glasgow, housekeeper, head of household. Mary CLEGHORN,, age 59, born in Liberton, sister, a Portmanteau Maker employing 10 men and 2 girls. Jane CLEGHORN, age 57, born in Liberton, sister. a Fancy Berlin Warehouse emplying 4 girls. Jane HOPEKIRK, age37, born in Edinburgh, niece, a saleswoman. William C. HOPEKIRK, age 34, nephew, a clerk. Elizabeth Munro, age 28, born Dingwall, Inv, a servant.

From the 1841 census we find the following CLEGHORN family:

William CLEGHORM, age 50, teacher, born in Midlothian. Jane CLEGHORN, age 50, birthplace unknown. Jamet CLEGHORN, age 25, teacher, born outside census area(Glasgow from 1881 census above). Mary CLEGHORN, age 20, born Midlothian. Jane CLEGHORN, age 20, Shop, born Midlothian. Isabella CLEGHORN, age 15, born Midlothian. William CLEGHORN, age 15, Engraver Apprentice, born Midlothian. Robert CLEGHORN, age 14, Brass Founder Apprentice, boen Midlothian.

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