Our thanks goes to Cate Garrison for helping construct most of this branch of the family.

James HABKIRK and Jane SCOTT were married on 10 August 1785 at Roberton, Selkirk, Scotland

     Robert HOBKIRK was the son of James and Jane, born about 1800


From the death record of their son Robert HOBKIRK on 26 February 1872, at 3 hours, 55m, AM in Newcastleton we have the following information:

Robert HOBKIRK was 75 years old, the cause of death was Inflamation of Bowels, for 3 days, as certified by Thos. E. Taylor, Surgeon
Robert was a labourer and widower of Mary ARMSTRONG.
Robert's father was James HOBKIRK, a miller, deceased.
Robert's mother is listed as Jane HOBKIRK, nee SCOTT, deceased.
The informant was Richard MURRAY, son-in law.

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