John HOBKIRK & Isobell SCOTT

A couple possibilities for John's parents are the following Johns:
John Hobkirk MAY be the son of John Hobkirk & Ann Wright, christened 27 March 1757 in Cavers.
John Hobkirk MAY also have been the son of James HABKIRK, born 4 February 1755 in Jedburgh.

John HOBKIRK and Isabel SCOTT were married on 10 December 1774 at Hawick, Roxburgh, Scotland.

Given the date of marriage and the date of birth of James, below, there must be more children.

John HOBKIRK and Isobell Scott had the following known children:

     James HOBKIRK, christened 22 October 1784 at Roberton, Selkirk.

     Janet HOBKIRK, christened 17 May 1787 at Roberton, Selkirk.

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