William HOBKIRK was born 20 June 1789, at Witton-le-Wear, Auckland, Durham County, England, a son of George HOBKIRK & Hannah CARLISLE   William HOBKIRK was a ship's carpenter.

William married Mary BAILEY on 30 August 1813 at St. Michael's, Bishopwearmouth, Durham, England. Mary was born 15 December 1795 at Sunderland, Durham, England.

William and Mary had the following known children:

     Thomas HOBKIRK, born 31 July 1814, Bishopwearmouth, Durham

     George HOBKIRK, born 25 February 1816, Maritime Place, Bishopwearmouth, Durham
          George passed away on 8 April 1842, Whitby, Yorkshire.

     Catharine HOBKIRK, born 5 October 1819, Whitby, Yorkshire, England
          In March 1841 Catharine married Christopher NOBLE at Whitby, Yorkshire.
          Christopher NOBLE was born 10 August 1809 at Whitby, Yorkshire
          Catharine passed away on 25 March 1864 in Whitby, Yorkshire.

     Joseph HOBKIRK, born 26 January 1824 at Spital Bridge, Whitby, Yorkshire
          Joseph passed away on 20 June 1831 at Whitby, Yorkshire

On 6 March 1825 Mary BAILEY passed away at Whitby, Yorkshire.

William HOBKIRK married again on 22 April 1826, Whitby, Yorkshire to Ann HUNTRODS.  Ann came from Boston, Lincolnshire. William is listed as a ship builder and shipowner. William HOBKIRK and Ann HUNTRODS had the following known children:

     John HOBKIRK, born 3 November 1826, Whitby, Yorkshire. John passed away on 1 March 1827.

     Ann HOBKIRK, born 23 January 1828, Whitby, Yorkshire.
          Ann passed away on 13 July 1831 at Whitby, St. Mary Parish Church.

     Hannah HOBKIRK, born 23 June 1829, Whitby, Yorkshire.
          Hannah married Thomas or William KNAGGS around Sept. 1855

     Elizabeth HOBKIRK, born 11 November 1830 in Whitby, Yorkshire.
          Elizabeth passed away on 25 August 1858 at Bagdale, Ruswarfe, Whitby, Yorkshire.

     John HOBKIRK, born 17 December 1832 at Whitby, Yorkshire
          John married Mary Ann BROWN in 1868. Mary Ann Brown was born about 1835.
          John passed away in 1881 at Whitby, Yorkshire.

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