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Robert HOBKIRK was the son of Robert HOBKIRK

Robert HOBKIRK & Ann THOMPSON were married in Stokesley, Yorkshire, England on 11 May 1734.

Robert & Ann had the following known children:

     Frances HOBKIRK, born 8 March 1735 in Stokesley.
          Frances HOBKIRK married Thomas MARTIN on 1 September 1759 in Stokesley.

     Robert HOBKIRK, born & christened on 12 May 1738 in Stokesley.
          Robert HOBKIRK probably passed prior to 1742, since he is not mentioned in the 1742 will of his grandfather Robert HOBKIRK

     Thomas HOBKIRK, born 13 March 1743 in Stokesley.
          Thomas HOBKIRK was christened on 13 March 1744. Thomas passed away on 20 July 1745.

     Robert HOBKIRK, born sometime after 1742, the date of his grandfather's will, and passed away on 16 April 1749.

     Thomas HOBKIRK, born 28 September 1746 in Stokesley.

     Robert HOBKIRK, born 19 June 1749 in Stokesley.

     John HOBKIRK, christened 23 November 1751 in Stokesley.

The probable reason for the many Robert's comes from the Scottish naming tradition: The first son is named after the father's father, the second son is named after the mothers father and the third son is named after the father, if not already selected. It is reversed for daughters. The first daughter is named after the mother's mother, the second daughter after the father's mother and the third daughter after the mother. Therefore, based on the above, the mother's(Ann) parents should be Thomas and Frances, and the father's(Robert) father should be Robert. Because of the death's of the Robert's and Thomas', they kept naming the sons after their fathers.

Memo: The following are other events that took place close by.

           Ann THOMPSON(above) is probably the daughter of Thomas THOMPSON & his wife Frances, christened 8 December 1705 in Kirkby Cum Osgodby, Lincoln, England. This is a little southeast of Stokesley.

            There was also a christening of an Elizabeth HOBKIRK in Stokesley on 14 June 1758. The father was listed as Isaac HOBKIRK.
            There was also a marriage listed between Isaac HOBKIRK & Martha CLAY on 20 March 1758 at "Marton In Cleveland", Yorkshire.
           "Marton In Cleveland" is about 3 miles north of Stokesley, and just south of Middlesbrough.
           There is also a Sarah HOBKIRK born to William HOBKIRK & christened on 26 December 1732 at "Marton In Cleveland"
           There is also marriage between William HOBKIRK and Rebeccah LEAVENS on 27 September 1731 at "Marton In Cleveland"

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