Adam HOBKIRK was a son of Adam HOBKIRK & Jane(Jeany) SCOTT.

Adam Hobkirk was christened 14 November 1795, at Sothdean, Roxburgh, Scotland.

On 14 June 1823 Adam HOBKIRK married Elizabeth(Betsey) FERGUSON at Wilton, Roxburgh, Scotland.
Elizabeth was born about 1801 and she died 18 April 1871.

Adam HOBKIRK and Elizabeth(Betsey) FERGUSON had the following known children:

     Jane HOBKIRK, born 7 Janaury 1825 in Scotland. She died 12 February 1895. Unmarried

     Isabel HOBKIRK, born 29 November 1827 in Scotland. She died 20 October 1912. (As of the 1850 census Isabel was
          living with the John Persons family of Madrid, St. Lawrence County, New York. She is 22 and born in Scotland.)
          Isabel HOBKIRK married John M. RUTHERFORD

     Mary HOBKIRK, born 11 May 1831 in America (As of the 1850 Census Mary was living with the Margaret Fife Family,
          in Madrid, St. Lawrence County, NY. She is listed as 19 years old, and born in New York.)
          Mary HOBKIRK married Robert TAIT

     Margaret HOBKIRK, born 11 September 1833 in America
          Margaret HOBKIRK married Andrew RUTHERFORD

     Christiana HOBKIRK, born 13 April 1835 in America
          Christiana HOBKIRK married Walter ELLIOT

     Adam A. HOBKIRK, born 7 April 1839 in America
          Adam A. HOBKIRK married Margaret RUTHERFORD

     Thomas HOBKIRK, born 26 November 1841 in America
          Thomas HOBKIRK married Agnes HARGROVE in 1869.

Family history says they probably came to America via Montreal.
They homesteaded in Waddington, New York in 1830

From the 1850 census we know that Adam HOBKIRK was listed as age54, value of real estate is $2,500 and he is born in Scotland.
They are located in Madrid Township, St. Lawrence County, New York.
His wife is Elizabeth, age 50, born in Scotland.
Jane HOBKIRK, age 25, born in Scotland.
Margaret HOBKIRK, age 17, born in New York.
Christianne HOBKIRK, age 15, born in New York.
Adam HOBKIRK, age 12, born in New York.
Thomas HOBKIRK, age 9, born in New York.
Lawrence KELLY, age 18, born in Ireland.

From the 1860 census we know that Adam HOBKIRK is listed as age 64, a farmer, born in Scotland. The value of real estate is $4,400
and the personal property is listed as $500. The rest of the household consists of:
Elizabeth HOBKIRK, age 60, born in Scotland..
Jane HOBKIRK, age 34, born in Scotland.
Adam HOBKIRK, age 21, born in New York.
Thomas HOBKIRK, age 18, born in New York.
Elizabeth Ferguson, age 9, born in New York.
(This is probably a neice of Elizabeth Ferguson HOBKIRK)

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