Archibald HOBKIRK & Betty MILLAR

Archibald HOBKIRK was the second son of Adam HOBKIRK & Jane (Jeany) SCOTT

Archibald HOBKIRK was born at Grange and christened on 24 January 1790 at Southdean, Roxburghshire.

Archibald HOBKIRK and Betty MILLAR were married on 26 January 1823 at Jedburgh, Scotland. 

From the 1841 census we know this family was living at Todlaw, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland and consisted of the following members:

     Archibald HOBKIRK, age 50, a farmer

     Betty HOBKIRK, age 45

     Adam HOBKIRK, son, age 16

     Christian HOBKIRK, daughter, age 15

     Jean HOBKIRK, daughter, age 14

     Mary HOBKIRK, daughter, age 11

     Eliza HOBKIRK, daughter, age 9

     Martha HOBKIRK, daughter, age 7

Since the first son and the second daughter were named after the father's parents, it is were likely that the first daughter is named after the mother's mother. Unfortunately there is not a second son for a clue as to Betty MILLAR's father's name.

Additional note: in the 1851 census there is a Martha HOBKIRK, 16, sister in law of George MILLER and Jane MILLER, age 22. Jane is possibly Jean.
Martha is listed as a dressmaker.

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