Robert HOBKIRK and Margaret BLEAKIE

(Our thanks goes to Larry Shoger for supplying most of the information on this line of the family.)

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Robert Hobkirk married Margaret Bleakie on 31 May 1812 in Wilton, Roxburghshire, Scotland

Robert and Margaret had the following known children, all born in Wilton, Roxburghshire:

    John HOBKIRK, born 10 January 1813

    Jean HOBKIRK, born 14 February 1815

    Robert HOBKIRK, born 13 April 1817

    Joseph HOBKIRK, born 1 March 1819 (moved to the United States in 1842)

    Anna HOBKIRK, born 21 January 1821

    William HOBKIRK, born 21 August 1822

Since the oldest son is named John, the elder Robert's father was probably named John. There are only a few Robert's born between 1770 and 1800. Robert, the only known child of John HOBKIRK and Janet BRYSON was christened 23 July 1786 in Hawick, Roxburghshire. There was Robert, the son of Adam HOBKIRK, no mother was listed, christened 4 May 1794 in Traquair, Peeblesshire. The third was Robert HOPKIRK, the son of James HOPKIRK and Anne WRIGHT, was christened 30 April 1797 in Melrose, Roxburghshire. We have a lot of detailed information on the family from Melrose and we know for certain that Robert from Melrose never married. So he can be eliminated. The most likely candidate is John HOBKIRK  and Janet BRYSON for two reasons....his date of birth and his father's name.

Since the second oldest son is named Robert, Margaret's father is probably named Robert. Since the oldest daughter is named Jean, Margaret's mother is probably named Jean.  A Robert Blackie and Jean Scott had a daughter named Margaret born 20 March 1788 in Wilton. Another possibility is a James Bleakie and Jean Scott had a daughter named Margaret on 2 September 1789 in Wilton.

We will need more information to determine who the parents were of Robert and Margaret.

According to the obituary for Joseph HOBKIRK, in 1842 Joseph, his mother, one sister and two brothers came to America and settled in Delaware County, New York. Unfortuantely there is no record of their arrival in the passenger lists from 1820 through 1850 for New York. So they must have entered the United States some where else, or they came through Canada.. If they were on the New York passenger lists, we would know the names and ages of the other travelers with Joseph, along with the name of the ship and the port of departure.

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