James Orville HABKIRK & Mabel Muriel ??

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James Orville HABKIRK was the son of  George HABKIRK & Margaret CALDER

James and Mabel were both born in Walton, Ontario

They had two children:

Ramsay McKenzie HABKIRK, born January 4, 1922, in Huron County, Ontario, and he grew up in Wingham, Ontario. Ramsay died August 4, 1944 when his Stirling aircraft was shot down in a "special night operation" See a picture of Ramsay HABKIRK

The following is from an online article by the Canadian Broadcasting Company(CBC) dated November 11, 2020.  "Three of the people writing tributes this year for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's virtual wall found their own ways of connecting with the stories of Canada's war dead. In 2002, David Patterson, a retired brigadier-general and artillery gunner, was in the Commonwealth cemetery in Tilly-sur-Seulles in northern France when he came quite by accident across the grave of a Canadian airman.Flying Officer Ramsay Habkirk was buried among hundreds of other Commonwealth troops and a handful of German soldiers — another lost story of the war, until Patterson decided to tell it."What struck me was, he was here by himself in a cemetery that isn't very well visited at all by anybody, but not the least by Canadians," said Patterson, who now heads a battlefield tour company in retirement. Each time he returns to Normandy, he said, he visits Habkirk "to make sure that he isn't alone."

More information about Ramsay can be found at this link to Find-A-Grave  There is more biographical information and photos of his grave site.

(daughter) HABKIRK (she may still be living)

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