Janet Scott HABKIRK & Laughlin GORDON

Janet Scott HABKIRK was the 6th child of George Impenden HABKIRK and Mary HENDERSON
Janet was born in December 1860. She passed away on 12 February 1914, age 53 years and 2 months.
Laughlin born around August 1853 and passed away on 5 June 1942, age 88 years, 10 months..

From the 1881 census we know that she had already married Laughlin GORDON.
They were living at McKillop, Huron Centre, Ontario. Lauglin is listed as 26 and a farmer. Janet is 21.
Both are Presbyterian, there are no children in the household.

Janet and Laughlin had the following known children:

     Anne Sutherland GORDON. She married Philip E. DINGMAN. They had one son named Gordon G. DINGMAN.
          Their son died in 1955. Their son had been married to Catherine Grace NEWMAN.

     Mary Jane GORDON. She married Sterling Mathews VERMILION. He died in 1918.
          Mary Jane GORDON'S second husband was named Allen Miles EDMONTON.

View Janet Scott HABKIRK and Laughlin GORDON'S gravestone.

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